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the air around you.

science 6th grade

coral bleaching description when coral loses its color and dies
coral bleaching How does climate change impact this problem? warming causes zoox (coral food) to migrate and then the coral loses its food source
Hurricanes description the number of really powerful hurricanes is increasing
Hurricanes How does climate change impact this problem? increasing air temperatures causes water temperature to increase which causes stronger, and more storms
Ocean pH description oceans are becoming more acidic (lower pH)
Ocean pH How does climate change impact this problem? water absorbs CO2. CO2 forms carbonic acid in the ocean. The Acid dissolves calcium carbonate shells.
Ecological Patterns Description ecological zones move faster than organisms can adapt (climate changing too fast)
Ecological Patterns How does climate change impact this problem? the world is heating up too fast
Effect on Poles Description the poles affect the entire planet
Effect on Poles How Does Climate change impact this problem? loss of ice caps causes more and more heat to be absorbed, which causes extra runoff and ocean issues
Gulfstream and Europe Description gulfstream moves north or south and changes Europe's climate
Gulfstream and Europe How does climate change impact this problem? Ice caps melt, which changes the point where ocean turnover happens, which changes the route of the current
weather the condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place
atmosphere the envelope of gases that surrounds the planet
ozone a form of oxygen that has three oxygen atoms in each molecule instead of the usual two
water vapor water in the from of a gas
El Nino warm weather event that begins when an unusual pattern of winds forms over the western Pacific
El Nina when surface waters in the eastern Pacific are colder than normal
global warming the gradual increase in the temperature of Earth's atmosphere
greenhouse gases gases in the atmosphere that trap energy
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) a group of compounds that are a major cause of ozone depletion
Created by: raanderson