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CNA Test 3

chapter 17-24, 26-27

Produce reproductive cells called ova Females
Produce reproductive cells called sperm Males
Produce hormones called estrogen and progesterone Females
Produce hormones called testeosterone Males
produce sperm testeoosterone Testes
Carries urine and semen Urethra
Hernias Rectocele and Cystocele
Weakening of wall between vagina and rectum Rectocele
Weakening of wall between urethra and vagina cystocele
Body's largest organ and the first line of defense against injury and infection Skin
Gives the skin color (primary) melanin
Outer layer of skin Epidermis Layer
Inner layer of skin Dermis Layer
Under dermis layer, contains fat tissue Subcutaneous Layer
First, second, or third degree, depending on amount of skin tissue destroyed Burns
Skin infection caused by tiny mites Scabies
Viral inffection caused by varicella zoster; chicken pox shingles
Bruise Contusion
tearing away of surface skin due to friction abrasion
tearing away of tissues during violent act or accident Avulsion
Cut caused by sharp-edged object Incision
Irregular of jagged wound caused by blunt tearing of soft tissue; cut Laceration
Small hole caused by sharp object; stab Punture
Wound opens up Dehiscence
Bluish or gray skin color due to lack of oxygen Cyanosis
Profuse sweating Diaphoresis
previously called decuvitus, ulceers or bed sores Pressure Ulcers
2 surfaces rub together Friction
Skin moves in one direction and underneath tissue remains unfixed Shearing
Unless otherwised ordered remove after 20 minutes and check after 5 minutes Warm & Cold Therapy
Dialates blood vessels WARMTH
Constricts blood vessels COLD
Location, size, appearance(color & temp), drainage, odor, appearance of surrounding tissue Wound observations
Cleary, water (type of drainage) Serous
Bloody (type of drainage) Sanguineous
Thin, watery, may be blood tinged (type of drainage) Serosanguineous
Thick green, yellow or brown (type of drainage) Purulent
Provide support for the wound, holds dressings in place, promote comfort, prevent injury Binders
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