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cell Division

Passive T., Active T., Cell Division

What are 2 methods of Passive transport Osmosis and Diffusion.
What is active transport? movement of materials through a cell membrane using cellular energy.
What goes on in Interphase? The cell grows to its mature size, makes a copy of it's DNA, and prepares to divide
What is mitosis? Mitosis is the process of cell division, When a cell lines up its chromosomes, then stretches apart.
What happens during prophase? the chromatin in the nucleus condenses to form chromosomes, pairs of centrioles move to opposite sides of nucleus, and the spindle fibers form a bridge between the 2 ends of cell, nuclear envelope breaks down.
What happens during metaphase? Chromosomes line up across the center of the cell. Each chromosome attaches to a spindle fiber at its centromere.
What happens during anaphase? centromere split, 2 chromatids seperate. and each chromatid becomes a new chromosome. new chromsomes move to oppisite side of cell, cell stretches out as oppisite side push apart
What happens during telephase? chromosomes stretch out and lose their rod-like appearance.new nuclear envelope forms around each region of chromosomes
What happens during Cytokinesis? cell membrane pinches around middle of the cell, cell splits in 2. each duaghter cell ends up with identical set of chromosomes, and about half of the organelles.
What phase are cells in most of the time? Interphase
What is Diffusion? when something in an area of high concentration moves to an area of low concentration.
What is Osmosis? the diffusion of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane.
What are Thymine, Cytosine, Adenine, and Guanine? Nitrogen bases
What is Deoxyribose? a molecule of sugar that makes up the sides of the DNA ladder
What is engulfing when the cell membrane surrounds or encloses a particle, then once enclosed, wraps around the particle forming a vacuole within the cell.
What are 2 methods of active transport? engulfing and transport proteins
What is Passive transport the movement of dissolved materials through a cell membrane without using any cellular energy.
What are transport proteins? proteins in the cell that "pick up" molecules outside the cell and carry them in using energy.
What does selectively permeable mean? some substances can pass through, while others can not.
Why do you feel thirsty when consume a lot of salt? because the salt messes up the balance of water molecules inside and outside the cell, then the water molecules inside have to go outside the cell to help the balance, which then dehydrates the cell.
the sequence of growth and division that cells undergo is called? the cell cycle.
Thymine pairs up with? Adenine
Cytosine pairs up with? Guanine
What is Phosphate a molecule that makes up the sides of the DNA ladder.
How is Cytokinesis different in plant cells then it is in animal cells? since the cell wall can't squeeze together, a cell plate forms around middle of cell, then New wall forms on cell membrane.
Created by: pragu :)