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Level 2 二


get up 起床 qǐ chuáng
dress up 穿衣 chuān yī
wash face 洗脸 xǐ liǎn
brsush teeth 刷牙 shuā yá
do exericise 做操 zuò cāo
run 跑步 pǎo bù
have a meal 吃饭 chī fàn
sweep the floor 扫地 sǎo dì
ride a bicycle 骑车 qí chē
kick a ball 踢球 tī qiú
water flower 浇花 qiāo huā
sing 唱歌 chàng gē
dance 跳舞 tiào wǔ
have a haircut 理发 lǐ fà
play a game 游戏 yóu xì
listen to a story 听故事 tīng gù shi
watch TV 看电视 kàn diàn shì
listen to the music 听音乐 tīng yīn yuè
take a bath 洗澡 xǐ zǎo
sleep 睡觉 shuì jiào
go to class 上课 shàng kè
read a book 看书 kàn shū
write 写字 xiě zì
play a board game 下棋 xià qí
draw 画画 huà huà
Created by: dak8chinese
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