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8th Grade Botany

Lesson 11 & 12

Sporangia structure in which spores are produced, means spore container
Rachis central stalk of the frond
Pinnae leaflets that are attached to the rachis
Sori a cluster of sporangia on the underside of a fern frond
Prothallus tiny, heart shaped plantlet
Rhizoids root-like structures attached to the prothallus
Antheridia male parts of the prothallus
Archegonia female part of the prothallus, contains the eggs
Fiddlehead young, unfurled frond of a fern
Gemma a little packet of cells that can produce a new prothallus somewhere else
Where do you usually find ferns in the forest? shade of the forest floor
Why are ferns found in these areas? they like moist areas
What is a frond? a fern leaf
What are spots sometimes found on the underside of a frond? Sori, which are groups of sporangia
In the fern life cycle, what is the little structure with male and female plant parts? Prothallus
What must be present for the sperm to reach the egg? Water
What is the little baby frond that unfurls called? Fiddlehead
What are some ways ferns produce new plants? They can produce runners, some leaves can produce a new fern if they touch the soil, and the prothallus can also make a gemma.
What are tree ferns? large ferns that look like trees
How are they different from cycads and palms? The trunks are not made of wood, and they reproduce with spores. At certain times, they also have fiddleheads.
Bryophytes nonvascular plants
Desiccate the ability to dry out for long periods of time without dying
Algae microscopic creatures that typically live in water
Fungus living organism that feeds off of dead creatures
Decomposer class of organisms that feed off living things, they "break down" dead things and recycle them back into creation
Symbiosis when two different orgamisms form a relationship where each is dependent on one another
Dormant the period of time in which an organism's activity and growth stops
Sporophyte the stage in the life cycle in which a plant produces spores
Gametophyte the stage in the life cycle in which a plant produces gametes or sex cells
Pigments a chemical that produces color
Will lichen die if it dries out? Explain No. They have a special ability to dry out without dying called desiccate.
From where do lichen get water? The air
List some uses for lichen. Good for environment, break down rocks to produce soil; they are a source of food for animals; and a home for insects.
List some uses for algae. Nutritional supplements, cosmetics, toothpaste, ice cream, and even medicine.
Where can you find algae? Usually in water.
Created by: LiseBrinkley