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L18 Char+Def

Ic Lv1 L18

當然 of course
to be afraid / to fear
簡單 simple; uncomplicated; straightforward
跑步 running, to jog
難受 hard to bear; uncomfortable
網球 tennis
籃球 basketball
游泳 swimming, to swim
危險 dangerous
淹死 to drown
願意 to want to; to be willing to
上大學 to attend college/university
為了 for the sake of
提高 to improve; to raise
水平 standard; level
足球 soccer
比賽 game; match; competition; to compete
國際 international
美式 American-style
to kick
to hold / to carry (in one's arms)
to press / to push down / to weigh down
by (indicates passive-voice sentences or clauses)
擔心 to worry
fantastic; super
運動服 sportswear, athletic clothing
半天 half of the day / a long time / quite a while
慢跑 To jog; jogging
打乒乓球 To play ping pong
打棒球 To play baseball
做瑜伽 To do Yoga
打太極拳 To do Taichi
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