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Root Words

Root WordDefinition
Ab Away from
Acro Extremities
Amyl Starch
Ambi Around, on both sides
Ante Before, forward
Bi Two/double
Brachio Arm
Brady Slow
Cardio Heart
Cervico Neck
Circum Around
Chondro Cartilage
Crani Head
Cyto Cell
Derma Skin
Dorso Back
Dys Abnormal, difficult
Encephal Brain
Fibro Fibre
Gastro Stomach
Fore Before, in front of
Glyco Sugar
Hepa Liver
Hem Blood
Histo Tissue
Homo Same
Hyper Too much, high
Hypo Under, decreased
Intra Within
Kinesis Motion
Macro Large, big
Leuk White
Lipo Fat
Mast Breast
Medio Middle
Mono Single
Myelo Bone marrow, spinal chord
Myo Muscle
Nephro Kidney
Neuro Nerve
Oculo Eye
Odonto Tooth
Ortho Straight, normal
Osteo Bone
Oto Ear
Para Beside, accessory to
Path Disease
Peri Around
Phlebo Vein
Photo Light
Pneumo Air, lungs
Pod Foot
Poly Many, much
Quadri Four
Rhin Nose
Sarco Fresh
Sclero Hard, hardening
Steno Narrowing, constriction
Sub Under
Supra Above
Algia Pain
Cele Tumor, swelling
Cide Killing, destructive
Cule Little
Ectomy Excision, surgical removal of
Emia Blood
Thoraco Chest
Thrombo Clot (of blood)
Tachy Fast
Trans Across, over
Ism Condition
Itis Inflammation
Oid Likeness, resemblance
Oma Tumor
Osis Disease, condition of
Vaso Vessel
Otomy To incise
Phage Ingesting
Phobia Fear
Plasty Plastic surgery
Plegia Paralysis
Rhea Excessive discharge
Scopy To examine visually
Created by: UtauxIkuto