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6th Mollusks & Worms

6th grade Ch 7

___ ___ have long tube-like bodies that are divided into segments segmented worms
Segmented worms are the simplest organisms with a true nervous system and blood contained in vessels
A long digestive tube runs down the length of the ___ inner body worm's
Worms take in dissolved oxygen from the water through their ___. skin
Examples of segmented worms earthworms & leeches
Mollusks have soft bodies
Most mollusks have a thick muscular foot for ___ or to open and close their ___ movement; shells
___ have more developed body systems than sponges or worms Mollusks
Mollusks take in oxygen through ___ or ___ gills; lungs
___ have shells or no shells Mollusks
slug a gastropod that has no shell
snail a gastropod that has a shell
bivalves mollusks that have two shells
invertebrates do not have a skeleton or backbone
cephalopods have a ___ circulatory system. closed
gastropods have a ___ circulatory system open
several species of molllusks produce ___. pearls
Created by: Ms. Phillips