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King Midas G T

Scott Foresman Reading Fifth grade

What is the meaning of the word lifeless in this sentence? "The portrait of the actor was lifeless." not alive
What is the meaning of the word spoonful in this sentence? "She held a spoonful of cereal." as much as a spoon will hold
What is the meaning of the word precious in this sentence? "He works with precious metals." valuable
What is the meaning of the word realm in this sentence? "It was a peaceful realm." area ruled by a king or queen.
What is the meaning of the word adorn in this sentence? " She likes to adorn her hair with flowers." decorate
What is the meaning of the word cleanse in this sentence? "I need to cleanse the wound." wash
At the beginning of the selection what is the main problem that King Midas faced? He wanted to learn how to turn all he owned into gold.
What happened when King Midas put on his glasses? He couldn't see through them.
Why did Aurelia cry about the roses? She missed their scent.
Why is in important to the story that King Midas is kind to the old man? The man comes back to reward him.
What event happened first King Midas gave the old man dinner.
Where does most of the story take place? in a palace
What was the climax of the story? when King Midas turned Aurelia into a goldent statue.
What best describes Aurelia? sensitive
What is a theme of the story? Be careful what you wish for.
How did King Midas change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story? He learned that love is more valuable than gold
What is the most likely reason the author wrote this selection? to teach readers a lesson with an entertaining story.
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