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vocab. april 2

How to save a baby elephant

Baobab A tree native to tropical Africa that has white flowers, a thick trunk, and an edible fruit referred to as "monkey bread" ; also called a "monkey bread tree"
Bloated Swollen and puffed-up
Buck ( for an animal such as a horse) to spring into the air with the back arched and land with the head down and the front legs stiff, in order to throw off a rider; 2. A male deer, antelope, or rabbit
Clamp 1. A tool for holding things firmly in place; 2. To fasten or hold with, or as with, a clamp
Communal Shared by several people
Culprit A person guilty of or responsible for offense
Deteriorate To become worse or of less value
Guzzle To eat or drink something quickly and/ or noisily
Slink To move or go sneakily; creep along
Teem To be very full of something; overflow; swarm
Created by: sillyjilly12