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chapter 3 S.S.

everything you need to know for chapter 3 social studies test

cartographer a map maker
causeway a raised road way across a body of water
charter an agreement in which one person or group grants rights & responsibilities to another person or group
circumnavigate to go around
dividend a share of profits received by a stockholder
extract to take something out
immune having a high degree of resistance to a disease
joint stock company a company into which people invest their money in exchange for stock
saga a folk tale
scurvy a disease caused by lack of vitamin C
stock shares of a company
stockholder a person who owns stock in a company
validity the quality of being logically sound
Prince Henry the Navigator Prince of Portugal who thought he get the the Far east by going around Africa. Hired men to make better maps and build better ships.Sent many ships down the west coast of Africa trying to find way east.
Giovanni Da Verazzano Italian explorer, sent by FRENCH king Francis I. FIRST sailed to North Carolina, then headed up the coast, claimed everything seen for France. Wrote first eyewitness description of Maine's coastal islands.
Esteban Gomez sent by King Charles I of Spain, hoping to find gold, silver and water route between the two continents. Explored Maine's coast, didn't find any of them, sailed back. Spain made no further attempt to settle in Maine.
David Ingram Young England sailor who sold African slaves to Spain. Left on an island, walked from Mexico to Maine in 3 years, told story about a beautiful place near Penobscot river called Norumbega. Houses made of crystals, roofs made of gold.
Samuel De Champlain French explorer, explored Maine and Massachusetts with Sieur De Monts. Was a map maker, made maps of Maine still used today, named 2 major rivers, established town of Quebec, proved Norumbega was no such place, named an island.(Mount Desert)
George Popham Sir John Popham's nephew,chosen to be leader of a colony. Fought bitterly with other leader over who should run the colony.
Sir John Popham Uncle on George Popham. started 2 joint stock companies to raise money for colonies.Chief justice, most powerful judge in England. took care of 2 Indian captives.
Sir Fernando Gorges Wealthy merchant, took care of 3 Indian captives, treated them like family, got idea to start colony in Maine. Got to keep province of Maine for England. encourage people to farm, fish and start a fur trade.
John Smith part of a group of wealthy merchants from London who came to mine gold and silver, and hunt for whales along the coast. All failed, decided to start a fur trade center. named entire region from Massachusetts to Maine, New England.
Norse Penny a coin that belonged to the Norsemen, or Vikings who lived in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.
Far East The East coast of Maine
Mount Desert Island An mountainous island covered in woods, named by Samuel De Champlain.
Norumbega A made up place, said to be a beautiful place with crystal houses, and golden rooftops.
St.Croix river A major River in Maine
St.John river Another major river in Maine.
London Company A joint stock company that Popham and Gorges started. Sent 100 colonists to James River, established Jamestown colony, first permanent English settlement in America
Plymouth Company Joint stock company that Popham and Gorges started. Established Popham colony, but was unsuccessful.
Changes for the Wabanaki When the European came, they carried disease such as measles, and Chick pox which the Native Americans had no treatment for . Thousands by thousands would die, and soon full tribes would be wiped out. Today, they call that time, the "Dying Time"
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