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Endocrine System

Facts about the Endocrine System

What is the Endocrine System The Endocrine system is the system produces the hormones that regulates different functions and effects in the body
Pituitary Gland Controls hormone functions like your body temperature, it also Controls all other hormone glands
Thymus Gland Hormones from this gland help the immune system fight infection Also easy to get infected with cancer
Parathyroid Gland Parathyroid gland is made up if two small glands in the thyroid Regulate calcium levels
Hypothalamus Lower part of the brain that stimulates or suppresses the pituitary gland Releases somatostatin, which signals the pituitary gland to stop the growth hormone
Testes Release the sex hormone testosterone Testosterone controls the changes that take place in a teenage boy’s body Necessary for normal sperm production
Target Cells Hormones look for target cells with matching receptors Once found the hormone binds to the cell PROTEIN RECPTORS carry out the hormones function by altering the proteins creating new ones
adrenal gland Triangular shaped gland at the top of the kidney Triggers the body the respond to emergency situations Made of two parts
negative feedback Negative feedback is a process is turned off by the condition it produces If a hormone level is too low, the glands produce more of that hormone If a hormone is too high, the glands will not produce it
ovaries The ovaries release female sex hormones Estrogen controls the changes in a females body Along with progesterone, it trigger the development of eggs
Pancreas One part is called the exocrine and it secretes digestive enzymes Other part is called endocrine pancreas, which regulates sugar in the blood
two parts of the adrenal gland and what do they do Outer part regulates the metabolism with corticosteroids Inner Part produces catecholamine ex. Adrenaline
What other system does the endocrine work with The endocrine system works with the skeletal system in that the thyroid releases a hormone that regulates the body’s calcium level
Thyroid Gland Hormones from this gland also control the release of energy from food molecules during respiration
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