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DIT neuro path

dementia workup STDs, copper and b12, TSH, brain MRI to r/o infarct, stroke, nL P hydroceph, mini mental staus exam.
lou gherigs ALS
senile plaques, neurofibrillary tangles alzheimres
presents at birth as floppy baby Wernig hoffman
lewy bodies parkinson's, lewy body disease
atrophy of caudate nucleus causing chorea huntingtons
depigmentation of substantia nigra parkinsons
both UMN and LMN signs (spasticity and weakness) ALS
dementia and visual hallucinations lewy body
dementia and personality changes or aphasia picks
intranuclear inclusions seen in HSV encephalitis cowdry type A
cytoplasmic inclusions pathognomonic of rabies Negri bodies
neuronal inclusions characteristic of parkinson's disease lewy bodies
cytoplasmic inclusion bodies a/w aging lipofuscin granules
dark cytoplasmic pigment in neurons of the substantia nigra and locus coeruleus, not seen in pts with parkinson's melanin
eosinophilic, rodlike inclusions in hippocampus of alzheimer's pts hirano bodies
diagnostic of alzheimer's disease plaques, NF tangles
filamentous inclusions that stain with silver, do not survive neuronal death pick bodes
filamentous inclusions that stain with PAS and ubiquitin lewy bodies
disease a/w lew bodies parkinsons, lewy body disease
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