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NURS 572 Pharm 56

Pharm Diabetes Mellitus 1of 2

what produces insulin beta cells of pancreas, secretagogues
Where are secretagogues located intestinal cells (incretin hormoe GLP-1), Pancreas Beta cells (amylin)
which type of diabetes has an ABSOLUTE lack of insulin Type 1
which type of diabetes as a RELATIVE lack of insulin Type 2
Which 2 pharm strategies act to increase insulin levels and how 1- inject exogenous insulin 2 - secretagogues - stimulate insulin release
3 ways we can activate secretagogues 1-injectable amylin-mimetic 2 - direct - injectable - incretin-mimetic 3 - indirect - oral - DPP-4 inhibitors
How can we increase peripheral insulin sensitivity 1-gliatazones increase receptor sensitivity 2-biguadide - metformin inc sensitivity/dec glucagon
what two classes also decrease liver/muscle glycogenolysis glitazones and biguadide-metformin drugs also have this MOA
What class of drugs inhibit/modulate intestinal CHO absorption oral - alpha-glucosidase enzyme inhibitors
what are the 3 quicker/shorter forms of insulin lispro, aspart, glulisine
what is the one quick/short insulin regular
what are the int/long acting insulins with BID admin NPH = neutral protamine hagedorn determir
what is the super long acting QD insulin glargine
what two insulins do we mix with NOTHING and why determir and glargine ----because they are very long acting
what 3 insulins do we NOT mix with regular insulin and why aspart, lispro, glulisine - - - because they, like Regular insulin (quick,short) are short acting (no benefit, may hypoglycemic)
can we mix aspart, lispro or glulisine with one another? no, can not mix with each other because they are all quicker/shorter
What CAN BE MIXED with NPH since NPH has intermediate duration it CAN be mixed with aspart, lispro and glulisine
when mixing quicker/shorter with NPH, which goes into syringe first? quicker/shorter (lispro, aspart, glulisine) drawn into syringe first. This is because NPH has protamine, which gives it longer action. We don't want to introduce protamine/NPH into quicker/shorter stock vial as it would change its duration (contaminate)
pramlintide is an amyline mimetic. can it be mixed with anything/other insulins no, it must be given as its own separate injection
exenatide and liraglutide are incretin mimetics. can they be mixed with anything/other insulins no, they must be given as their own separate injection
Created by: lorrelaws