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I Am David Vocab.1-3

Nash - I Am David Vocab. Chapt. 1-3

a state of great surprise or amazement astonishment
a number of persons or things happening one after the other succession
thinly spread or scattered;not thick or crowded sparsely
a sudden happening that causes great loss or suffering; disaster catastrophe
no more than; nothing else; only merely
to set apart as different; see the difference in distinguish
that has no limits;without beginning or end; vast infinite
so small or slight that it is not noticed imperceptibly
marked with different colors, spots, or streaks variegated
not able to decide or make up one's mind;hesitating irresolutely
edge or border verge
a long, deep hollow worn in the earth by a stream; a ditch or gorge ravine (ra-vee-ne)
hard to follow or understand;complicated and full of details intricate
the physical features of land; geographic area terrain
an officer in charge of command in the military commandant
bringing confusion or disorder as by surprise; upset disconcerted
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