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Accession right of an owner of property to an increase in that property
Co-ownership ownership existing when two or more persons have the same ownership rights in the same property
Community property property owned equally by spouses
Constructive delivery having a symbol of a gift substituted in its delivery
Copyright protects the expression of a creative work, such as the work of an artist, author, or composer
Divorce court action terminating a marriage
Fair use limited use of copyrighted works by critics, researchers, news reporters, and educators
Fixture item of personal property that has become permanently attached to realty and is thus transformed from personalty into realty
Infringement unauthorized copying, sale, display, or performance of a copyrighted work
Intellectual property purely intangible personal property that one cannot touch or move
Joint tenancy co-ownership of property with equal interests and the right of survivorship
Land basic physical element of realty
Lost property property that the owner unknowingly leaves somewhere or accidentally drops
Marriage legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife
Mislaid property property that is intentionally placed somewhere but then forgotten
Occupancy acquisition of title by taking possession of personal property that belongs to no one else
Patent government grant of exclusive right to make, use, and sell a product or process which is novel, non-obvious, and useful
Personal property (also called personalty) tangible, movable property and intangible property
Property tangible and intangible things and their corresponding legal rights and interests
Real property (also called realty) land, water, and minerals in the earth; airspace above the land; and things permanently attached to the land
Right of partition attribute of co-ownership which allows any co-owner to require the division, usually financial, of the property among the co-owners
Right of survivorship right of one joint tenant to ownership of property when the other joint tenant dies
Service mark word, mark, or symbol that identifies a service as opposed to a product
Severalty ownership of all property rights by oneself
Tenancy by the entireties usual form of co-ownership between husband and wife, carrying equal interest and the right of survivorship
Tenancy in common form of co-ownership in which the shares may be unequal and there is no right of survivorship
Trade secret unpatented formula or process not known to others and which is valuable in business
Trademark unique word, mark, symbol, or device that identifies a product of a particular manufacturer or merchant
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