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DIT GI A&P quiz

what enzyme catalyzes the RLS in carbohydrate digestion? oligosaccharide hydrolase at the intestinal brush border
what enzyme is responsible for the conugation of bilirubin? UDP-glucuronyl transferase
what upregulates UDP-glucuronyl transferase? phenobarbitol
G cells gastrin
I cells CCK
S cells secretin
D cells somatostain
parietal cells gastric acid, IF
chief cells pepsinogen
contains the portal triad and may be compressed to control bleeding hepatoduodenal
attaches the spleen to the posterior abdominal wall splenorenal
attaches the spleen to the stomach gastrosplenic
what drugs/hormones stimulate the secretion of gastric acid Histamine, ACh, Gastrin
what drugs/hormones inhibit the secretion of gastric acid PGs, somatostatin, secretin, GIP, PPis, H2 blockers, antimuscarinits
which hormones stimulate pancreatic secretion CCK, secretn, ACh 9via vagus
what structures form hesselbach's triangle Inf. epigastric a, inguinal ligament, lateral border of rectus abdominus
mildly decreased UDPGT Gilberts, C/N2
completely absent UDPGT C/N 1
grossly black liver dubin johnson
responds to phenobarbital gilbert and C/N 2
treatment includes plasmapheresis and phototherapy C/N 1
asymptomatic unless under physical stress (alcohol, infection) Gilberts
antacid that may cause diarrhea Mg hydroxide
antacid that may cause constipation Al hydroxide
anatacid taht may cause rebound hypercalcemia ca carbonate
antacid that may cause hypokalemia all (mg/al hydroxide, ca carbonate)
what enzyme is inhibited by PPis H+/K+ ATPase
PPis =prazole
artery of the foregut celiac
artery of the midgut SMA
artery of the hindgut IMA
watershed area splenic flexure
most common location of salivary gland tumors parotid gland
most common salivary gland tumor pleiomorphic adenoma
has both epithelial and mesenchymal diff pleiomorphic adenoma
second most common benign salivary gland tumor warthin's tumor
most common malignant salivary gland tumor (2nd most common overall) mucoepidermoid
likelihood that a parotid tumor will be malignant <30%
likelihood that a sublingual tumor will be malignant >70%
diverticulum immediately above the UES zenkers
diverticulum near midpt of esophagus traction
diverticulum immediately above the LES epiphrenic
Pt on NSAIDs for gout gets anemia, pain with food, and + occult blood test. What drug addresses the problem? Misoprostol
Newborm vomits milk when fed and has a gastric air bubble on x ray. tracheoesophageal fistula
60 yo with chrnoic reflux has esophageal cancer. what kind? adenocarcinoma
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