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Loss, Grief, and the Dying Patient

What is the difference between a living will and a durable power of attorney? A living will prescribes treatment upon incapacitation. Durable power of attorney gives others the decision-making power.
What are the 5 stages of the KUBLER-ROSS’ STAGES OF GRIEVING? 1)Denial 2)Anger 3)Bargaining 4)Depression 5)Acceptance
What are the steps of the Martocchio: Survivor’s Reaction? 1)Shock and disbelief 2)Yearning and protest 3)Anguish, disorganization, and dispair 4)Identification in bereavement 5) Reorganization and restitution
What is the shock and disbelief phase of Martocchio: Survivor’s Reaction? *“Maybe this is not happening” *Unreality; rejects comfort; disbelief
What is the yearning and protest phase of Martocchio: Survivor’s Reaction? *“Why do I feel this way?” *May express anger towards diseased for leaving
What is the Anguish, disorganization and despair phase of Martocchio: Survivor’s Reaction? *"Living is a chore; joy has gone out of life" *Realizes reality and permanency of loss
What is the Indentification in bereavement phase of Martocchio: Survivor’s Reaction? *"I’m just like him or her" *May adopt behaviors, mannerisms or ideals. Desire to carry out the dead person’s goals
What is the reorganization and restitution phase of Martocchio: Survivor’s Reaction? *"Life goes on" *Life stabilizes but some of the pain may last a lifetime.
What areas (aspects of human functioning) need to be assessed with impending death? Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, and Spiritual
What is passive euthanasia? with holding treatment that may extend life such as medication or life-support
Fill in the blanks: A DNR must be ________ to be valid. Written
What prohibits selling or purchasing of organs? National Organ Transplantation Act
What written document that states your wishes about medical treatment should you be unable to communicate at the end of life? Living will
What requires healthcare institutions to inquire whether patients have an advance directive? Patient Self-Determination Act
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