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1409 Repro

Repro Test 1409 BP

Self Breast Exam Use your fingertips, Conduct it after your period, Also check your armpits
Amenorrhea is more common in anorexics, atheletes, pre-menopause
Ovulation occurs day 14
average age for menopause 47-55
signs of puberty in the male voice drops, pubic/pit hair
signs of puberty in female breast buds, period, pubic hair
Average amount of days of menstrual flow 4-6 days
endometrial changes during period becomes thick and purplish and filled with
Changes during period caused by what hormone progesterone
Hormone that causes ovulation lutenizing
Hormone that causes beginning of period estrogen
What causes toxic shock? Tampons
Patient starts developing dysmenorrhea, what do you look for first? a secondary cause
Do not douche.. why? The vagina is a delicate rainforest... and douches are not natural! The vag already self-cleans.
Checking for fertility sperm counts and body temperature of the woman
Causes increased risk for cervical cancer condylomata (caused by HPV
Why are females more susceptible to STIs? Vagina is ripe and ready for disease compared to the penis. internal compared to external
Best way to prevent PID abstinience
Who should not take birth control pills? Smokers
On birth control what symptom should you report asap? Abdominal pain
Bone mineral density test Checks for osteoperosis - more common in old white menopausal women
Best candidate for IUD someone who has already had children and only has one sexual partner
What is considered barrier birth control? Condoms or spermicide
Birth control pills should be taken at the same time everyday
tubal ligation is... permanent! Don't let the pt think otherwise bc it cannot always be reversed.
Mucus during ovulation is p[lentiful, thin, slippery
Someone with a family Hx of breast cancer should have lots of self-checks and be sure to get mammograms when recommended.
PID causes infertility due to scar tissue
When to use spermicide? 1 hour before sexual conduct
vasectomy pt teaching Out patient procedure, ice, elevate, and use condoms for 6 months and get your sperm counts checked!
Treatable STIs chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea
What STIs cause joint pain? Gonorrhea and syphilis
At what age do they start screening for clamydia? 26
Mammogram First one at 40yo and every other year unless a problem is found or ther eis Family Hx in which case you should get it done earlier. Avoid wearing deoderant, perfume, or lotions on day of
Effects off age on Male reproductive business Less sperm, pendulous scrotum, erectile dysfunction
Papsmear teaching void prior to appt. no sex for 24 hours prior to appt. and no douche!
What is ejaculation? Sperm and seminal fluid ejected from the penis
Seminal Vesicle Accessory organ of male reproductive
DRE Digital rectal exam to check prostate
Hypertension and medices equal Erectile dysfunction
Which lab value, when elevated, shows prostate cancer? HcG
Symptoms of Vulvar cancer? Itchy (pruritis)
S/e of androgen therapy manboobs, weight gain
menorrhaga abonormal or heavy bleeding
Gardenella vaginalis causes trichomoniasisssisisissis - fishy smelly, watery discharge
Absess on pelvic area how do you sit? Semi-fowlers
Lab values with toxic shock BUN increased and creatinine increased
What do you do with a recto vaginal fistula? Clean it - fron tto back - sitz medicated antiobiotic douche: CLEAAAAAAAAAAAAN
HPV causes cervical cancer
What medications treat thricomoniasis Flagill aka metronidazol
Pt with a breast abcess teaching keep pumping that breast! Antiobiotics
breastcancer metastasizes to lymph ---> colon ---> lungs
Fibrocystic breasts are lumpy! feels like bee-bees in the boo-bees
Danazol is used for fibrocystic breasts, you know it is working when the pt gets acne
Most common place for breast cancer upper outer quadrant of breast
tomoxfin causes brittle bones - order bone density tests
breast augmentation position: semi-fowlers w/ arm underneath the breast in a sling
Self test testi exam after a hot shower, first of the month, start at age 15
Cause of Erectile Dysfunction: Prostate issues, Decreased testosterone, Medications, Stress
Prostate cancer diet High in Protein, High in Fat, Low in Calories and Low in Sodium
Torsion of spermatic cord results in severe pain - needs immediate surgery
do what for Epididymitis: elevate it with a pillow or towel - ice it - bed rest and antibiotics
Symptoms of BPH Frequent urination, inability to void
Pt on hormone therapy for prostate cancer may exhibit more female symptoms
Risk factors for Testi Cancer 18-40 years of age, Caucasian, Hx of Crytorchidism, Family Hx of Testi Cancer, HIV+, Aids, already had one testi with Cancer,
gonorrhea s/s Most common: urethritis with purulent dischage and pain on urination. Sometimes no Symptoms at all. Women: White or yellow vag discharge, intermenstural bleeding, painful urination. Sometimes a skin rash fever and painful joints will manifest.
Syphilis Stages Primary: Chancer (painless ulcer) appears. Secondary: Fever, malaise, HA, sore throat, lymph node enlargement. Tertiary or Late: noninfections due to invasion of CNS - tabes dorsalis, neorphatic joint disease (charcot's joints)
Syphilis SS A small chancre or papule which is painless and appears on the genitals anus cervix or other part of the body.
Chlamydia S/S Mostly show no symptoms. If they do 1-3 weeks after infection. Sparse, clear urethral discharge, redness, and irritation of the infected tissue, burning on urination, lower abdominal pain in women, and testicular pain in men.
Pregnant with an STI prenatal care
Phases of menstrual cycle pg 809-810 The menstrual cycle, under the control of the endocrine system, is necessary for reproduction. It is commonly divided into three phases: the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase;
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