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East Asia

Review for East Asia Exam

The belief system that stresses the imprtance of order, education and hierarchy, which is based on the teachings of an ancient Chinese philospher. Confucianism
A period of economic decline in an country's business activities. recession
Countries that surround the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Rim
The general of the emperor's army in Japan, with powers of a military leader. Shogun
A series of rulers from the same family in East Asia. dynasty
Name given to the uprising of peasant farmers again the influence of European nations on the Chinese emperor. Spheres of Influnece
When was Pearl Harbor, Hawaii bomed by the Japanese? December 7, 1941
Travel and locating food and water is difficult in these two deserts? Taklimakan and Gobi deserts
The countries surrounding the Pacific Ocean are called? Pacific Rim
Preserving and restoring harmony within the individual and nature is a funamental belief of_______________? Taoism
Countries that have had rapid economic growth are considered___________? (3 East Asian Countries qualify know all of them) Economic Tigers
What was the cause of the Korean War, 1950-1953? North Korea, communist, invaded South Korea, non-communist.
Chain of volcanoes that surround the Pacific Ocean. Ring of Fire
Huge destructive wave that is caused by an underwater earthquake. tsunami
Volcano that is the largest mountain in Japan. Mt. Fuji
Source of China's two largest rivers. Kunlun Mountains
Mongolia is arid and has a lot of herders whose goats grow what kind of wool? Cashmere
These mountains act as a natural boundary betwe northern and southern China. Qinling Shandi Mountains
This religion was brought to China from India. Buddhism
____________ Served as the bodyguard of landownders and clan leaders. samurai
Destrucvtive tropical storm that forms over the western Pacific Ocean. typhoon
The Mongolian emperor that created the largest empire in the world. Genghis Khan
The communist leader of China until his death in 1976. Mao Zedong
Places where people are forced to work long hours under very poor conditions for very little pay. sweatshops
An uprising by Chinese peasanst against the Spheres of Influence. Boxer Rebellion
The zone of prosperity in East Asia that is made up of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan is known as_______________. Jakota Triangle
What is a mega city? A city with a population over 10 million people
What happened at Tiananment Square, China in 1989? *who? *what? *why? Chinese students protested against the Communist government of China due to the injust treatment of the Chinese people.
What dynasty built the Great Wall of China? Qin Dynasty
What river has been considered China's Sorrow? Huang He/Yellow River
What river was the Three Gorges Dam built on? Chang Jiang/Yangtze River
What is the name given to the border between North and South Korea? DMZ/Demilitarized Zone
What American sport has boomed in East Asia? Baseball
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