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Ecce Romani Latin 1

ecce look
puella (a/the) girl
nomine by name, named
quae who
habitat (she/he) lives, is living, does live
etiam also
villa (a/the) country house
villa rustica (a/the) country house and farm
ubi when, where
aestate in the summer
laeta happy
quod because
iam now
sub arbore under the tree
sedet (she/he) sits, is sitting, dose sit
et and
legit (she/he)reads, is reading, does read
altera second, another
vicina neighboring
dum while
scribit (she/he) writes, is writing, does write
quis who
cur why
quid facit what is ...doing?
quoque also
sunt (they) are
amicae friends
hodie today
sed but
in agris in the fields
ambulant (they) walk, are walking, do walk
brevi tempore in a short time, soon
defessa tired
non iam no longer
strenua active, energetic
currit (she/he) runs, is runningm does run
tandem at last
ex agris from/out of the fields
ad villam rusticam to/toward the country house and farm
lente slowly
puer (a/the) boy
qui who
eadem the same
in horto in the garden
clamant (they) shout, are shouting
rident (they) laugh, are laughing, smile
vir (a/the) man
servus (a/the) slave
multi many
in villis rusticis in country houses
laborant (they) work, are working
solus alone
iratus angry
subito suddenly
in piscinam into the fishpond
cadit (he/she/it) falls
abite! go away!
molesti pests
gemit groans
tunic(a) Roman garment
stola strapped dress without sleeves
palla rectangular piece of material draped over a women's left shoulder
toga indicates that he is a roman citizen
toga pura white toga
toga virilis toga of manhood
toga praetexta toga with purple boarder to signify his/her rank or status as a Roman citizen
bulla a locket containing an amulet or charm to ward off evil and protect the child(boy) from harm
Lares and Penates the household gods
Fortuna Virginalis goddess of maidenly virtue
molestus troublesome, annoying
semper always
vexat (he/she) annoys
igitur therefore
amat (he/she) likes, loves
dormit (he/she) sleeps
conspicit (he/she) catches sight of
furtim stealthily
appropinquat (he/she) approaches
ascendit (he/she) climbs
magnus big, great
magna voce in a loud voice
audit (he/she) hears, listens to
videt (he/she) sees
vox (a/the) voice
terret (he/she/it) frightens
sollicita anxious, worried
tum at that moment, then
descende! come down!
tu you (subject)
te you (direct object)
nihil nothing
cave! be careful!
ramus (a/the) branch
infirmus weak, shaky
fragor (a/the) crash, noise
qualis what sort of...?
quo where...to?
si if
dies (a/the) day
in silvam into the woods
ibi there
rivus (a/the) stream
frigidus cool, cold
errant (they) wander
prope near
vult (he/she) wishes, wants
ignavus cowardly, lazy
respondet (he/she) replies
neque...neque... neither...nor...
temerarius rash, reckless, bold
lupus (a/the) wolf
perterritus frightened, terrified
statim immediately
ferte! bring help!
auxilium help
clamor (a/the) shouts, shouting
ad to, toward
eos them
eum him
petit (he/she) looks for, seeks
arripit (he/she) grabs hold of, snatches
repellit (he/she) drives off
e silva out of the woods
salvae safe
adveniunt (they) reach, arrive [at]
quem whom...?
Created by: swtsong325