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GCSE 2. Climatic haz

Eye The still centre of a tropical storm (hurricane) where air is falling
Flash flood A sudden and severe flood due to heavy rain
Storm surge An unusually high tide, associated with areas of low pressure and on-shore winds (Holland)
Tropical storm An intense spinning storm, perhaps 650km across. An extreme low pressure system causes winds to rotate inwards, bringing heavy rainfall. Formed overhot sea surfaces (27*C)
Hurricane The name for a tropical storm in the Carribean/USA regions
Cyclone The name for a tropical storm in the Indian Ocean
Typhoon The name for tropical storms in the Far East (eg Japan)
Saffir-Simpson A scale which measures the speeds of hurricanes on a scale of 1-5
Levees Man made banks parallel to rivers to prevent flooding
Looters People who take advantage of the chaos in a storm to steal from homes and shops
Sahel The semi-arid zone south of the Sahara where drought and desertification is happening
Global warming The gradual increase in the Earth's temperature, which may be caused by an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
Drought A long continuous period without precipitation
Greenhouse gases Atmospheric gases (eg Carbon Dioxide and Methane) prevent heat escaping out to space
Evapotranspiration Evaporation from all the earth's surfaces, including transpiration from plants
Famine A very serious shortage of food, leading to deaths from starvation of people over a wide area
Geology The study of the earth's rocks, includes looking at their ability to absorb water
Horn of Africa The extreme eastern corner of NE Africa, including Somalia. Suffered drought in 2011+
La Nina A period when the waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean are 3-5*C cooler than normal. It is thought this caused drought in the Horn of Africa and tropical storms to Australia in 2011
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