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NURS 572 Pharm 36

Pharm Ch 36 CNS stimulants, ADHD

general action of CNS stimulants increase CNS neurons non-specifically --> global CNS stimulation whereas antidepressants elevate mood WITHOUT CNS global stim
Classes of drugs that treat ADHD ampethamines, amphetamine-like, non-stimulant agent
other classes used to treat ADHD TCAs, atypical antidepressant - these agents block reuptake of NOR, so have lesser CNS SEs than stimulants
What are desired CNS effects of stimulants wakeful/alert/elevate mood reduce fatigue, increase self confidence
what is MOA of CNS stimulants promote release of Dopa/Nor. Lesser action in blocking reuptake of Dopa/Nor.
why do CNS stimulants have huge potential for abuse strong euphoria combined with tolerance that develops
SEs related to NOR release/action increased HR, force, AV conduction --> MI, intracranial bleed, HTN, dysrhth, angina (weight loss)
SEs related to Dopa release/action psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia
Name 3 CNS stimulants available in short/int/long acting formulas amphetamine, dextro-amphetamine, meth-amphetamine
name a CNS stimulant ONLY available in long-action formula lisdex-amphetamine
name a drug that has similar MOA of amphetamine in that it helps release Dopa/Nor methylphenidate
methylphenidate routes of admin oral (short, int, long) and now transdermal patch that lasts 9 hours with residual effect 3 hours after removal
what is a NON-stimulant indicated for ADHD atomoxetine
MOA atomoxetine selective reuptake inhibitor of Nor
who is atomoxetine indicated for slow onset, favored for adults. limited studies on kids
What are SEs of atomoxetine same as stimulant, but to lesser effect bwo MOA (n/v/somnolence, sleep diff, diz, mood swings, dec appetite, wt loss, growth retardation, inc bp/hr
what other agens are used for ADHD TCAs, atypical buproprione
which drug has lowest CNS SEs atomoxetine
what is MOA of atomoxetine selective reuptake inhibitor Nor
Created by: lorrelaws