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NURS 572 Ch 35

Pharm Ch 35 Anxiety disorders like this frickin class!

types of anxiety disorders with physical and psychological manifestations GAD, panic attack, OCD, SAD, PTSD
What 2 classes of drugs can be used for specific types of anxiety disorders BNZ and SSRIs indicated for selective anxiety disorders
Name 1 individual anxiolytic agents buspirone
Properties of BNZ that make them useful axiolytics rapid action, tolerance develops to sedation, psychomotor slowing. HOWEVER long term dependence possible. Same SEs but less likely when used in lower doses
very short acting BNZ axiolytic alprazolam - oral
intermediate acting BNZ anxiolytic lorazepam - oral-IV-IM
SSRIs have longer onset, but are useful with pts concomitant depression - name one approved by FDA for anxiety Paroxetine - short acting
paroxetine SSRI anxiolytic approved - SEs HA, N, insomnia and weight gain all are compliance limiting
buspirone class individual agent, MOA unclear, does NOT bind GABA, may bind Ser, Dopa
Does buspirone have CNS effects? no, there is no sedation, interactions or cross tolerance with CNS drugs
Does buspirone interact with BNZs no, since it does not bind GABA there is no dependence potential, no cross tolerance
what is the best indication for buspirone due to several day onset, is best for chronic anxiety
what is the advantage of buspirone calms down without sleepiness. no tolerance develops
buspirone metabolism EXTENSIVE first pass effect, GRAPEFRUIT JUICE lowers first pass --> more drug in serum
ADRs buspirone well tolerated, HA, N, nervousness
What atypical antidepressant indicated ONLY for GAD venlafaxine (dose dependent HTN)
does venlafaxine have A-1, H-1, muscarinic action no, atypical antidepressants tend to block reuptak of 5HT - Nor - Dopa in varying combinations
What TCA is indicated specifically for OCT ONLY clomipramine whose MOA is at 5HT/Nor with blocking action at A-1, H-1 and muscarinic receptors
Created by: lorrelaws