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DIT sugar and energy

glucose to glucose 6P hexokinase/glucokinase
fructose 6P to fructose 1,6 bisphosphonate PFK1
PEP to pyruvate pyruvate kinase
3 important enzymes of glycolysis hexokinase/glucokinase, PFK1, pyruvate kinase
glycogen phosphorylase deficiency McArdles
glucose 6P def Von Gierke's
Lactic acidosis, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia Von Gierke's
alpha 1,6 glucosidase deficiency Cori
alpha 1,4, glucosidase deficiency Pompe
cardiomegaly Pompe (infantile)
diphragm weakness causing respiratory failure Pompe (adult)
increasd glycogen in liver, severe fasting hypoglycemia von gierke
hepatomegaly, hypoglycemia, hyperlipidemia (nL kidneys, lactate, and uric acid) Cori
Painful muscle cramps, myoglobinuria with strenuous exercise McArdle
sever hepatosplenomegaly, enlarged kidneys Von Gierke
m biopsy shows elevated glycogen, fructose 6P, and decreased pyruvate. deficiency in PFK1
what enzyme is responsible for increasing intracellular levels of fru 2,6 bisP PFK2
what enzyme is responsible for decreasing intracellular levels of fru2,6bisP FBP2
how will levels of fru2,6bisP change in the liver and muscle during a sympathetic response? decrease in the liver, increase in the muscle
common cause of glycolytic enzyme def pyruvate kinase deficiency, phosphoglucose isomerase deficiency
clinical presentation of glycolytic enzyme def hemolytic anemia due to inability to maintain Na/K ATPase causing RBC swelling and lysis
Why are alanine and glutamine found in such high concentrations in the blood They are the 2 major carriers of nitrogen from tissues
What is required by all aminotransferases pyridoxal phosphate (a B6 derivative)
alanine + alphaKG ---> glutamate + pyruvate ALT
glutamate + oxaloacetate ---> alpaKG + aspartate AST
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