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Ella Chapter 9 + 10

Latin Chapter 9 and 10 review list

ter earth
ten/tin to hold
trit to hold
hom human, man
andro man
anthropo man
sub- under,beneath
con- together, jointly
mis- bad, wrong
-cide to cut, to kill
inter to bury
subterranean underground
tenant a person who lives in an apartment or home but does not own it
tenement a large, rundown apartment complex
tenure the length of time you do a certain job or hold a position
continent one of seven main landmasses on Earth
trite unoriginal, cliched
attrition gradual loss or weakening
Homo sapiens the scientific name for human beings
homicide the murder of a human
anthropology the study of human beings and their culture
misanthrope someone who hates people
philanthropy charitable giving
android an artificial being/robot with human qualities
Created by: cday