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What items are needed for an NG insertion? *NG *emesis basin *tongue blade *penlight *lube *cup/straw *ph strips *skin prep *tape *stethoscope *irrigation tray *clean gloves *towel
Which of these would you push the solution into the NG tube? *Lavage *gavage Lavage, it is removed as well
Feeding via NG or G tubes, Irrigation sets are changed q. ___hrs tubing and reservoirs are changed q. ___ hours. Hang time for nonsterile feed is___ Hang time for sterile feed is ___. Irrigation sets, tubing and reservoirs are changed Q. 24 hours Hang time for nonsterile, 4-6 hours Hang time for sterile, 8-12 hours. OR MANUFACTURE RECOMMENDATIONS
What items are needed for a CVC blood draw? *Amount of blood needed/tube *empty 10 ml syringe *18 gauge needle *4 saline flush *3 Heparin *lots of alcohol pads *clean gloves
What items are needed for Trach care? Trach kit, clean gloves, NS, Peroxide, Sterile gloves (additional pair) *assure replacement trach is available in room*
NT suctioning, items needed? Assure suction is present in room, lubricating gel, suction kit, NS, clean gloves, Sterile gloves should be in kit, bring extra pair *Stethoscope to eval lung sounds before and after procedure
How would you measure a nasal trumpet for patient placement? Tip of nose to tip of ear
Pushing med through hep locked CVC, how many mls of the NS do you push at the same rate as the med? First 3 of the 9.5
Items needed to access a port *dressing change kit *extra mask *Huber needle *luer lock *18 gauge needle, *empty 10 ml syringe *vial of normal saline *Sterile gloves *clean gloves
APGAR? APG of apgar? I had to put the rest on a different slide Activity- 0-no response, 1- slightly flexed, 2- flexed, active movement Pulse- 0-no heartbeat, 1- less than 100, 2- more than 100 Grimace- 0- no response, 1-slight grimace to suctioning, 2- cries with suctioning
APGAR- the last AR. Appearance- 0-cyanotic all over, 1-central cyanosis, 2-pink/normal color all over Respirations- 0- none, 1- weak cry, 2- strong lusty cry
Normal apgar? 7-10
If apgar is below what number, indicates emergency? below 4 means resuscitation
Created by: purpleapple87