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DIT GI path quiz

risk factors for esophageal cancer (ABCDEFGH) alcohol/achalasia, barretts, cigs, diverticuli, esophageal web/esophagitis, familial, GERD, hot dogs
risk factors for colon cancer FAP, Gardners, Turcots, HNPCC< IBD, strep bovis, smoking, colon adenomas, P/J, EtOH, poor diet, obesity, age
signs of portal hypertension hematemisis, melena, splenomegaly, caput medusae, ascites, gastropathy, hemorhhoids, peptic ulcers
what is seen in budd-chiari syndrome? nutmeg liver
what conditions are a/w budd chiari? hypercoagulability, polycythemia vera, pregnancy, hepatocellular carcinoma
underlying problem in Wilson's disease inadequate hepatic copper excretion
characteristics of wilsons disease (ABCD) asterixis, Basal ganglia degeneration, Ceruloplasmin (decreased)/Cirrhosis/Corneal deposits/Copper accumulation, Dementia, dyskinesia/dysarthria + hemolytic anemia, hcc, fanconi
tx for wilson's penicillamine
Classic triad of sx in hemochromatosis? cirrhosis, DM, skin pigmentation
what lab tests are used to dx hemochromatosis? iron (inc), ferritin (inc), transferrin (inc), TIBC (DEC)
what is the tx for hemochromatosis? deferoxamine, phlebotomy
Possible etiology of pancreatitis (GET SMASHED) Gallstones, Ethanol, Trauma, Steroids, Mumps, A/I, Scorpian sting, Hypercalcemia/Hyperlipidemia, ERCP, Drugs
typical presentation of a pt with pancreatic insufficiency? diarrhea, steatorrhea, weight loss
tx for pancreatic insufficiency? limit fat intake, take pancreatic enzymes
what are the risk factors for the development of HCC? hep B/C, wilsons, hemochromatosis, alpha1At def, alcholol cirrosis, carcinogens (aflatoxin)
a/i, increased serum mitochondrial abs, middle aged woman primary biliary cirrhosis
beading, man in 40s, +pANCA, a/w ulcerative colitis primary sclerosing cholangitis
most common salivary gland tumor? pleomorphic adenoma
second most common salivary gland tumor? mucoepidermoid
most common locatino for a salivary gland tumor parotid
five 2s of meckel's diverticulum? 2 inches long, 2 ft from ileocecal valve, 2% of population, w/in 2 years of age, 2 types of epithelium
tumor markers for pancreatic cancer CEA, 19-9
what is the typical histologic neoplastic progression of colon cancer tubular to tuberovillous to villous, to carcinoma
Created by: kayjames