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DIT Hepatic Path

A young man with ataxia and tremors with brown pigmentation around his cornea. Tx? penicillamine
Yellow skin but no scleral icterus carotenemia
20 yo gets influenza then idiopathic hyperbilirubinemia. What's the cause Gilbert's
cholelithiasis gallstones
cholecystits inflammation of the gallbladder
cholangitis inflammation of the biliary tree
choledocholithiasis gallstones in the bile ducts
increases bilirubin prouction causing unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia hemolytic anemia, SCA, hematoma breakdown
impaired bilirubin uptake and storage causing unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia post viral hepatitis, drug rxn
decreases UDP-GT activity cause unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia Gilbert's, crigler-najjar, neonatalness
impaired transport causing conjugated hyperbilirubinemia dubin johnson, rotor
biliary epithelial damage causing conjugated hyper-br-emia Hep, cirrhosis, liver failure
intrahepatic biliary obstruction causing conjugated hyper -br-emia primary biliary cirrosis, sclerosing cholangitis, drugs
extrahepatic biliary obstruction cause conjugated hyper-br-emia pancreatic neoplasm, pancreatitis, choledocholithiasis, cholangiocarcinoma
What happens to bilirubin after it is conjugated and secreted into the GI tract? gut bacteria-->urobilinogen--->excretion in stool, urine, or reentry via liver
most common cause of acute RLQ pain appendicitis
50 yo female with pruritis without jaundice, lab reveals (+) AMA primary biliary cirrhosis
most common cause of acut LLq pain diverticulitis
gluten sensitivity celiac
pt with GI bleeding has buccal pigmentation peutz-jeughers
60 y o female with rheumatoid arthritis and no alcohol history presents with fatigue and R abd pain, labs show high ANA and ASMA, eleveated IGG and no viral serological markers a/i hep
colonoscopy shows friable mucosa from rectum to distal transverse colon ulcerative colitis
sm intestinal mucosa with distended macrophages in LP that are filled with PAS+ granules and rod shaped bacilli seen by electron microscopy whipple
most common cause of RUQ pain cholecystitis
evelated LKM-1 abs, no alcohol history, no viral serology. infiltration of the portal and periportal area with lymphocytes a/i hepatitis
diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps post antibiotics pseudomembranous colitis
fatal disease of unconjugated bilirubin resulting from a complete lack of UDPGT activity Crigler-Najjar type I
radiography reveals "string-sign" in the terminal ileum Crohns
total or subtotal atrophy of the small bowel villi, plasma cells and lymphocyte infiltration into the LP and epithelium, and hyperplasia/elongation of crypts Celiac
nonfatal disease of unconjugated bilirubin resulting from low levels of UDPGT activity Gilberst or C/N type II
elevated levels of serum ferritin and increased transferrin saturation hemochromatosis
alpha-fetoprotein levels>1000 pg/mL hepatocellular carcinoma
elevated serum copper, decreased serum ceruloplasmin, and elevated 24 hr urinary copper wilson's
liver disease + lung emphysema alpha1antitrypsin deficiency
ERCP reveals alternating strictures and dilation primary sclerosing cholangitis
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