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NURS 472 Pharm 33

Pharm Ch 33 bipolar disorder BPD

Two phases of BPD we treat manic phase and depressive phase
classes of drugs to treat BPD mood stabilizers --- antidepressants --- BNZ benzodiazepines --- antispychotics
How are classes of BPD drugs prescribed Always involves a mood stabilizer for the manic phase. Mood stabilizer used in combination with antidepressant and/or short-term BNZ and/or antipsychotic
Which class of BPD is never given alone never give antidepressants alone in BPD
which class of BPD is never used long-term never use BNZ long term
which class of BPD can also be used during acute mania antisphychotics can also be used
Name 3 mood stabilizers always given primary lithium, valproic acid, carbamazepine
which mood stabilizer has drug interactions related to renal excretion like Na lithium has these interactions
which mood stabilizer is preferred for euphoric mania lithium is preferred
which mood stabilizer given BID/TID with SEs of polysyspia, polyuria, tremor, hypothyroidism that would be lithium
which mood stabilizer is preferred for its rapid onset, also alters GABA valproic acid
which mood stabilizer is preferred for all manias EXCEPT euphoric carbamazepine
which mood stabilizer has least ADRs carbamazepine
name 3 antidepressants for depressive phase buproprion (atypical), venlafaxine (atypical/HTN) and SSRIs
example of BNZ that can be used for short term acute manic phase lorazepam
Give me the list of 2nd generation antipsychotics that can be used during acute mania ***olanzapine, quetiapine, respiradone, ziprasidone, aripiprazole
of antipsychotics, which is only one approved for use AFTER manic phase olanzapine
which antipsychotic SHOULD NOT be used clozapine, due to agranulocytocis/CBC-diff
Created by: lorrelaws