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DIT renal path quiz

WAGR wilms tumor, aniridia, g/u malformation, mental/motor retardation
risk factors for transitional cell carcinoma? (P SAC) phenacetin, smoking, aniline dyes, cyclphosphamide
cause of acidosis with an elevated anion gap? MUD PILES
what changes will be seen in a BMP of a pt with renal failure? increased K+, decreased CA++, increased PO4, increased BUN/Cr
A CT scan reveals massively enlarged kidneys bilaterally ADPCKD
correcting too rapidly may result in central pontine myelinosis hyponatremia
peaked T waves hyperkalemia
tetany hypocalcemia
arrhythmias hypoK, hyperK, hypoMg
decreased deep tendon reflexes hypermagnesium
flattened T waves, U waves on EKG hypokalemia
most common tumor of urinary tract system transitional cell carcinoma
most common renal malignancy of early childhood (ages 2 -3) wilms
histologic appearnace of RCC polygonal clear cell carcinoma
histological appearance off chronic pyelonephritis thyroidization of kidneys
fever + rash + hematuria + eosinophilia AIN
cancer a/w schistosoma haematobium bladder -Sq CC
treatment for cystine kidney stones alkalinize the urine
Created by: kayjames