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S Secret

Shakespear's Secret

Who was the main character? ch - 1 Hero Netherfield
Who was Hero's sister? Beatrice.
Where did hero and Beatrice get their names from? The shakespear's play " much ado about nothing"
What was their dad's job? Reading, studying and writing about Shakespear.
Who was the neighbour of the netherfield family? Mrs. Roth
How did her house look like? Ch - 2 It was a yellow cottage with peeling paint,a wide porch and a dense colorful front garden.
Did hero want to read any Shakespear's books? No.
What grade was hero and Beatrice in? Hero was going into 6th grade and B was going to 8th grade.
What did H learn from mrs. Roth? There's a diamond hidden somewhere in H 's house.
Who did H meet at the bus stop? Ch - 3 Aaron - a first grader.
What was H's teachers name? Mrs. Vanderley.
What comment did a girl in her class give about H's name? " Hero? Hey that's my dog's name."
What did mrs. Roth give H to eat? Ch -4 Two rippled green glasses of iced tea and a china plate heaped with wedges of cinnamon toast.
Who used to live originally in H 's House and owned the diamond?Ch - 2 The Murphy's
What was the strange thing about The Murphy's Home break in?Ch - 4 The thief took only some cash from the kitchen drawer and the diamond. Didn't even touched anything else like other jwelleries .
were there anybody elses fingerprints found in the house other than The Owners- Arthur and Eleanor? No.
H asked mrs. Roth if the police thought that the whole thing was fake? Yes.
Were the Murphy's good friends of mrs. Roth? Yes.
Why did the Murphy's hide the diamond? Two years ago Eleanor became very ill which was almost impossible to cure. but there was a treatment in mexico that very expensive which was not covered by their health ins.Then Arthur wanted her to sell the necklace,she refused.
Why did Eleanor refused? she thought it might have some historical importance.
Finally what arthur had to do? Mr. murphy hide the diamond and pretended that it was stollen, so that the ins. people will give them the money.
Did he get the money? No.
Did he take her to mexico? No,not in time.Bec of the investigation the ins. people took month and month.
When did E die? Last fall
What did people think who Shakespear really was? ch - 5 Edward de vere.
What did they called Edward de vere? Oxford
What did H mom give for lunch?Ch - 6 Tuna sandwich A tuna sandwich. Tuna sandwich
Who did H meet after school. Danny Corvorda
Did Danny know Mrs.Roth?How? ch - 7 Yes, bec danny's father is the chief of police.
What did mrs. Roth show hero? Ch - 8 The necklace.
What was the clue of where the Murphy's diamond was?ch - 9 Do not go gentle into that good night . rage rage against the dying of light.
Where was the writing found? It was with the package of necklace ,written on a note card.
What did they see on the back of a necklace? A design which looks like a bird holding a tree branch.
What did h learn from her dad about the bird?ch - 10 That the tree branch was actually a scepter which is a monarch's staff and it was a pembroke falcon,the crest of Anne Boleyn(mother of queen elizabeth 1)
What initails were on the back of the necklace?ch - 11 AB
What was hero's namesake in the play? Done to death by slanderuos tongues.
What was Danny's idea to find out more about Mr. Murphy? Going to his dad's office - police headquarters.
Why did Danny get suspended once?ch - 12 His teacher was saying to one of the students-are you lazy or are u stupid? So, danny told the teacher to stop and then the teacher told him to sit down. Danny got angry and pushed the teacher away from the other girl and thus got suspended.
What were the files labelled with? Ch - 13 Numbers
Did Danny's dad resemble danny? No.
Who was Mr. murphy's ex wife? Mrs. Roth.
Did danny know that mrs. roth was the ex wife?Ch - 14 No.Nobody told him,nor mrs. roth neither his dad.
What could danny imagine and what danny could not imagine?ch -15 He couldn't imagine mrs. roth yelling at anybody, but imagined H yelling at somebody.
What did Aaron tell h?ch -16 That her name was written in the boy's bathroom.
Did mrs. roth and Arthur have any children?ch - 17 no, but they got a foster child, a little girl, they named her Anna.
Who did the necklace belong to? Anne Boleyn.
What was Danny's idea to get rid off H's name in the boy's bathroom?ch - 18 Get hid dad's black spray paint and put it on that spot.
How much money did queen elizabeth give edward?ch - 19 a thousand pounds per year.(700,000 dollars back in that time.)
What was medieval torture? They tied each leg and arm of the victim to separate horses and sent the four horses running in diff. directions. The Person was literally torn apart.
Who was Edward de vere? He was a poet, a scoundrel and an adventurer.
wHY DID H get sent to the principal?ch - 20 Bec, the P thought that H spray painted her name to make it gone.
what did mrs. roth and H see on queen Elizabeth in a book? ch - 21 they thought they saw the necklace.
What relationship did they think was in B/t queen E and Edward? Mother and son
Did Danny remember her mom? Ch -22 Yes, a little , she remembered how she look, but does not remember how she felt about her.
How does danny remember how her mother looks? there are pictures of her all over the place.
What did D think the clue ment? that its hidden inside a light.
what exhibits were D's parents going to see at the party?ch -23 Hamlet revisited; Displays of the bad Quarto,the good quarto,and the folios.
what bad thing happened while H and D were looking for the diamond?ch -24 Beatrice's light fell down and broke.
Where did they find the Murphy diamod? In the porch light which doesn't have a switch.
Waht did they do with the Diamond? Ch - 25 D shoved it in his pocket and went home.
What bad thing did D do with the Diamond? ch - 26 He sent it to his mom in california.
Why did Danny sent it to his mom? ch 27 Bec His mom did not have any money and she was a struggling actress in CA and D thought that as they dont have the necklace the diamond is of no use.
After D saw the picture of Mrs. roth's daughter ,what did he say? That was danny's mom.
Where did D's family live before his mom ran away?ch -28 DC, that was so close to where mrs. roth lives.
What news did D and H get from Mrs. roth? ch -31 That D's mom sent a postcard with the diamond inside and a picture of danny and herself for D.
At the end of the story what did Hero do? Hero started redaing the Shakespear book that mrs. roth gave her WITH Interest.
What did they do with the diamond at the end? they put it back in the necklace and finally may be handed it over to the police.
Created by: akbasu
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