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NURS 350 patho neuro

Neuro concepts 1 of 3

rupture of this artery --> epidural bleed middle meningeal artery
CSF - how much made each day, how much ciruclating in brain at any time 600 mL produced by chorioid plexus of pia mater. 130 mL circulating before resorbed into arachnoid villia
CSF pressure, properties 12mmHg, similar to plasma with lower protein count. No RBCs, 0-5 WBCs. protects, lubricates
lumbar puncture taken from where between 3-4th lumbar vertebrae subarachnoid space, ventriculostomy of 3rd or lateral ventrical
What % of CO goes to brain, what molecule regulates vasodilation 20%. C02 is regulator/vasodilator. If cerebral C02 increased-->vasodil to get more blood to brain. Decreased C02 --> vasoCon
Cerebral circulation - does blood move forward and backwards? no, circulation ALWAYS moves forward
Which cerebral arter is site of major strokes middle cerebral artery
path of cerbral circulation internal carotids --> anterior & middle cerebral arteries -->vertebral arteries fuse into basilar artery --> branches to posterior cerebral artery. Both internal caratoids also interconnected with anterior/posterior communicating arteries
Circle of Willis provides back-up circulation by providing interconnections between internal carotid arteries and basilar artery
Where does cerebral blood drain into venous plexuses, dural sinuses then to juglars
Most veins in brain located where located OUTSIDE of skull-->external jugular
Venous sinuses located where located INSIDE skull--> internal jugular
occlusion of anterior cerebral artery impacts what region of brain frontal, parietal lobes (basal ganglia, corpous callosum)
condition caused by occlusion of anterior cerebral artery hemiplegia on contralateral side
occlusion of middle cerbral artery is sign of major strokes and affects these regions frontal, parietal and temporal lobes
conditions caused by occlusion of the middle cerebral artery aphasia in dominant hemisphere, contralateral hemiplegia
occlusion of posterior cerebral artery impacts what regions diencephalon, temporal and occipital lobes
conditions caused by occlusion of posterior cerebral artery visual & sensory loss, contralateral hemiplegia if cerebral peduncles
how do we measure cerebral blood flow MAP between 50-150 mmHg. if below 50, we have diminished flow. Above 150 indicates hyperemic increased blood flow, risk of bleed
What can cause increased ICP tumor, head injury, increased CSF or blood
BBB formed by astrocytes and junctions between endothelial cells of capillaries
What transport mechanism used to transport across BBB active pumps used
Clinical procedures for drug admin across BBB ventriculostomy, intrathecal, lumbar pump
in terms of energy mobilization, symp and psym--> sympathetic mobilizes energy, parasympathetic conserves energy
Created by: lorrelaws