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Nurs 232 Unit 2 Exam

Foundations of Nursing Care: Unit 2

What type of pain is associated with disturbance of PNS/CNS, and may not be associated with ongoing tissue-damage? Neuropathic pain
How long must pain last to be considered chronic? At least 6 months, otherwise it is acute.
What is nociception? The physiologic processes related to pain perception.
Which group of analgesics act on the PN endings to inhibit prostaglandin formation, and have other anti-inflammatory effects? Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs); e.g. aspirin and ibuprofen.
What type of nociceptive pain arises from skin or connective tissue? Superficial.
What is somatic pain? Well-localized nociceptive pain arising from bone, joint, or muscle, usually described as "aching" or "throbbing".
Which type of nociceptive pain arises from the GI tract (or bladder) possibly resulting from a tumor or obstruction? Visceral.
Which phase of nociceptive pain involves an impulse traveling to the brain? Transmission
What nociceptive phase involves the excitation of the nociceptor itself? Transduction
Which phase of nociceptive pain causes neurons to release endogenous opiods that inhibit the nociceptors? Modulation
Which kind of pain is described as "burning", "shooting", "stabbing", or "electrical"? Neuropathic
How might a nurse use the "Gate Control Theory" to treat an underlying cause of nociceptor firing? Topical therapies (e.g. heat, ice, massage), addressing the clients mood (e.g. reducing fear), and goals (e.g. client education, guidance).
What is intractable pain? Pain that cannot be treated.
What is the term for pain that is "all in your head"? Psychogenic pain. ("Very real for your client." -lecture)
Created by: scottheadrick