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DIT musculoskeletal

zona occludens tight junction
prevents diffusion across paracellular space zona occludens
compsed of claudins and occludins zona occludens
zona adherens intermediate junction
just below zona occludens zona adherens
cadhereins connect to actin zona adherens
calcium dependent adhesion molecules cadherins
macula adherens desmosome
small discrete sties of attachment macula adherens
cadherins connect to intermediate filaments macula adherens
pemphigus vulgaris macula adherens/desmosome
allows adjacent cells to communicate for electric and metabolic functions gap junctions
keratin mactula adherens
connects cells to underlying extracellular matrix hemidesmosome
bullous pemphigoid hemidesmosome
integrins hemidesmosome
maintains integrity of basement membrane integrin
binds to laminin in basement membrane integrin
where does new bone formation take place in growing long bones? epiphyseal plate
football player kicked in the leg ahs a damaged medial meniscus. What else is likely messed up? ACL and MCL = unhappy triad
initial 15 degrees of arm abduction supraspinatous
lateral rotation of arm infraspinatus/teres minor
medial rotation of arm subscapularis
head of humerus rotates out of glenoid cavity dislocated shoulder
clavicle separates from acromion and coaracoid process of the scapula separated shoulder
damaged in anterior shoulder dislocation axillary n, post circumflex a, supraspinatous tendon
contains only thick fibers H band
contains only thin fibers I band
actin thin
myosin thick
never changes A band
smaller during contraction I band
Reversible when vit d is replaced osteomalacia/rickets
excess osteoclastic activity results in disorganized bony architecture pagets
bone is replaced by fibroblasts, collagen, and irregular bony trabeculae polyosteitis fibrous dysplasi
soft bones due to defective mineralization of osteoid osteomalacia/rickets
failure of bone resorption causing thickened and dense bones osteopetrosis
genetic deficiency of carbonic anhydrase II osteopetrosis
Alk Phos is very elevated, everything else is normal pagets disease
most common malignant primary bone tumor of children osteosarcoma
most common malignant primary bone tumor in adults multiple myeloma
most common benign bone tumor osteochondroma
11;22 translocation Ewing's sarcoma
soap-bubble appearnace on x ray giant cell tumor (osteoclastoma
Onion skin appearance of bone Ewings
May actually be a hamartoma osteochondroma
codman's triange on x ray osteosarcoma
associated with gardner's syndrome osteoma
knee pain and swelling, subcutaneous nodules around joins and achilles tendon, pain in the MTP joint of big toes. needle like crystals on biopsy Gout
treatment of acute gout exacerbation NSAID, colchicine, steroids
difficulty swallowing, distal cyanosis in cold temperatures, and anti-centromere antibodes. What else would you see in this pt? (CREST scleroderma) + calcinosis, sclerodactyly, telangiectasias
photosensitivity, arthritis, renal disease, recurrent oral ulcers on primaquine and NSAIDS. What type of check up should she get twice a year? Lupus. check for nephropathy. Proteinuria, creatinine, dsDNA
Blood test to confirm Lupus anti dsDNA antibodies. ANA as a screen
bilateral hilar lympadenopathy sarcoidosis
acute knee pain and swelling. absesnse of erosion. calcium in the menisci. Pseudogout = calcium pyrophosphate crystals
Hyperkeratosis, sebum overproduction, propionibacterium proliferation, inflammation acne
pruritic, purple, polygonal papules lichen planus
life threatening rash with bulla pemphigus vulgaris/ steven johnson/ TEN
pruritis a/w asthma atopic dermatitis (eczema)
pruritic vesicles a/w celiac disease dermatitis herpeteformis
allergy to nickel allergic contact dermatitis (type 4 HS)
thickened scar, esp. around face/chest keloid
abs against epidermal basement membrane bullous pemphigoid
abs against epidermal cell surface pemphigus vulgaris
parakeratotic scaling psoriasis
keratin-filled cysts sebhorric keratosis
sand-paper; predisposition to squamous cell cancer actinic keratosis
skin rash and proximal muscle weakness dermatomyositis
honey-crusting lesions common about the nose an d lips impetigo
hyperkeratosis and koilocytosis verrucae with HPV
histology shows palisading nuclei basal cell carcinoma
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