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DIT endocrine quiz

DM a/w obesity type II
DM that may cause ketoacidosis type I
DM with strong genetic predisposition type II
DM a/w HLA DR3 and 4 type I
Parathyroid, Pancreas, Pituitary MEN I
Med Thyroid, Pheochromocytoma, Parathyroid MEN IIa
Med Thyroid, Pheochromocytoma, Mucosal neuromas MEN IIb
Clinical manifestations of Addisons hyperpigmentation, hypotension, hyperkalemia, acidosis, weakness, malaise, anorexia, weight loss.
decreased aldosterone, decreased cortisol, increased ACTH addison's
adrenal atrophy, absence of hormone production, all 3 cortical divisions addison's
lactic acidosis is a rare but worrisome side effect metformin
most common side effect is hypoglycemia sulfonylureas
MOA: closes K channel on beta cells cause depolarization causing Ca influx cause insulin release sulfonylureas
MOA: inhibits alpha glucosidase at intestinal brush border alpha glucosidase inhibitors
MOA: agonist at PPARgamma receptors glitazones
mech of propylthiouracil? inhibit the coupling and organificatio of iodine, decrease the peripheral conversion of T4 to T3
What other drug works like PTU methimazole
Side effects of PTU/methimazone skin rash, agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia
What cell type produces PTH? chief cells of the parathyroid
What cell type produces calcitonin C cells (parafollicular) of the thyroid
What cancers are a/w RET gene mutation? MEN IIa, IIb, medullary and papillary thyroid carcinoma
sx of 21 alpha hydroxylase deficiency? hyperkalemia, hypotension, masculinization
sx of 11 beta hydroxylase deficiency? HTN, masculinization
increased cortisol Cushing's
increased aldosterone Conn's
decreased cortisol, decreased aldosterone Addison's
increased thyroid hormones Graves'
extremely tender thyroid gland DeQuervain's
palpation of single thyroid nodule toxic thyroid adenoma
palpation of multiple thyroid nodules multinodular toxic goiter
recet study using IV contrast dye (iodine) Jod-Basetow phenomena
Eye changes: proptosis, edema, injection Graves
most common chronic arrhythmia A Fib
most comon bacteria in GI tract bacteroides
most common gynecologic malignancy endometrial carcinoma
most common primary cardiac tumor in children rhabdmyosarcoma
most common breast cancer infiltrating ductal carcinoma
Created by: kayjames



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