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ACC Nutrition 1400

Module 7 Nutrition 1400 types of diets

Name 5 food items That are considered part of a Clear Liquid diet 1.Apple juice, 2.Popsicles 3.ginger ale, 4.gelatin, 5.decaffeinated coffee, 6.tea, 7.broth, 8.fruits ices .. Thin foods without pulp or foods that liquefy at room temperature. Has no fats & very few vitamins & minerals.
Name 5 food items That are considered part of a Full Liquid 1.Milkshakes, 2.all juices, 3.blended foods, 4.custards, 5. puddings, 6.eggnog.. contains more calories & provides more nutrients than a clear liquid diet.
what type of client or person would be on a full liquid diet This diet is most often used for patients who have gastrointestinal disturbances or unable to tolerate solid or semisolid foods
What is a Clear Liquid diet This diet is temporary because it only provides few calories derived from protein and carbohydrates
When is a Soft Diet diet used/for whom sometimes used as a transition to a general diet or for patients who have difficulty eating
What is considered a Soft Diet Soft diets are designed to be easily chewed & provide minimal fiber. It's low in fiber (low-residue) & free of brans,grains,strong vegetables,& raw fruits or vegetables.
What type of foods are considered: Diet as Tolerated (DAT) (A regular diet) consists of the appropriate servings from a variety of food groups. This diet has no restrictions.
Describe a Diabetic diet it contain a specified calorie intake and certain foods that are allowed to meet that intake goal. The meals are spaced out with snacks between the three main meals
Describe a Heart Healthy or Cardiac diet it is usually low in saturated fat, cholesterol and salt, without caffeine
Who would be on a Low sodium diet Those patients with hypertension
Describe a Renal diet and who would it be on this diet This diet has protein restrictions with restrictions on fluid, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus and is used for those patients with kidney disease.
Describe a Liver diet and who would be on a liver diet The diet is low in protein and increase in carbohydrates and vitamins. Sodium and fluid may be restricted. used for patients with liver disorders.
Describe a Gastrointestinal diet Depending on the gastrointestinal disorder the patient may have a decrease or increase in fiber. patients are encouraged to avoid foods that increase stomach acidity such as caffeine, citric acid juices, and certain seasonings.
Created by: monica_acc