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DT thyroid

extremely tneder thyroid gland de Quervains (hyper, then hypo)
Pretibial myxedema graves
pride in recent weight loss, medical professional thyroid hormone abuse
palpation of single thyroid nodule toxic thyroid adenoma
palpation of multiple thyroid nodules toxic multinodular goiter
recent study using IV contrast dye (iodine) Jod-Basedow phenomena
eye changes: proptosis, edema, injection graves
history of thyroidectomy or radio ablation of thyroid too much exogenous TH
35 yo female with diffuse goiter and hyperthyroidism. decreased TSH, high T4/T3
48 yo female with progressive lethargy and extreme sensitivity to cold temp hypothyroidism
most common type of thyroid cancer papillary
second most common type of thyroid cancer follicular
activation of receptro tyrosine kinases papillary and medullary
hashimoto thyroiditis is a risk factor lymphoma
cancer arising from parafollicular C cells medullary
commonly associated with either a RAS mutation or a PAX8-PPAR gamma 1 rearrangement follicular
commonly a/w rearrangements in RET oncogene or NTRK1 papillary
most common mutation in the BRAF gene (serine/threonine kinase) papillary
Created by: kayjames