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Health Tobacco Test


What is Tobacco A woody shrub like plant with large leaves
Define Nicotine An addictive drug found in tobacco leaves and in all tobacco products
Define addictive Capable of causing the user to develop intense cravings
Define tar A thick oily dark liquid that forms when tobacco burns
Where do tar deposits form when a smoker inhales? Bronchi
Define Bronchi Passages through air that enters and spreads through the lungs
Define Carbon Monoxide A poisonous colorless odorless gas
Name 5 different types of tobacco products. Cigarettes,cigars,pipes,speciality cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco
What is the most common tobacco product? Cigarettes
Name the 2 different types of speciality cigarettes Bidis and kreteks
Define smokeless tobacco Ground tobacco that is chewed or inhaled through the nose
True or False. Nicotine absorbed from smokeless tobacco Is three to four times greater than the amount delivered by a cigarette True
Why is tobacco particularly damaging to teens. They are still growing and developing
Is Withdrawal symptoms ( nervousness shakes and headaches) may occur as soon as 30 minutes after the last cigarette a short term or long term effect for the nervous system? Short term effect
Is hear and blood pressure rate increase a short term or long term effect for the nervous system? Short term effect
Is increase risk of stoke due to decrease flow of oxygen to the brain a short term or long term effect for the nervous system? Long term effect
Is energy reduced because less oxygen gets to tissues a short term or long term effect for the circulatory system? Short term effect
Is blood vessels weakening and narrowing a short term or long term effect for the circulatory system? Long term effect
Is shortness of breath reduced energy coughing and more mucus a short term or long term effect for the respitory system? Short term effect
Is risk of cancer of the mouth and throat, gum and tooth disease, stomach ulcers and bladder cancer increase a short term or long term effect for the digestive system? Long term effect
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be accompanied by what 3 serious health conditions? Chronic bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema
Smoking is the leading cause of what disease? Cardiovascular disease
True or False. Cardiovascular disease reduces oxygen flow to the heart. True.
True or False. Arteriosclerosis reduces oxygen flow to the heart. True.
True or False. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 different chemicals many of which are cancer causing chemicals. True
Define second hand smoke. Environmental tobacco smoke which is a mixture of 2 tobacco products
Define sides team smoke Smoke that comes directly from a burning pipe or cigar
Define mainstream smoke Smoke that is inhaled by a smoker
Define passive smoker A non-smoker who breaths in secondhand smoke
Smoking during pregnancy can pose to what 3 problems to an unborn child? Increase risk of the baby being born to soon, developmental problems, and lower birth rates
True or False. People who use tobacco have lower productivity levelson the job. True
True or False. Smokers are sick more often than non smokers True
True or False. Addiction to a drug affects the mid as well as the body. True
True or False. Teens are more likely to develop a severe level of addiction than people who begin smoking at a later age True
True or False. Teens who use tobacco are also much more likely to use drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol True
When a person stops using tobacco he or she may experience sysmptons of what? Withdrawal
True or False. Physical and psychological symptoms will occur when an individual stops using an addictive substance. True
True or False. Counseling and support groups can help a user overcome a psychological dependence to tobacco. True
Define relapse A return to the use of a drug after attempting to stop
Define negative peer pressure Pressure you feel to go along with harmful behaviors or beliefs of others you age.
True or False. One of the best ways to resist peer pressure is by choosing friends who do not use tobacco. True
True or False. If you avoid tobacco as a teen, there is a strong possibility that you won't start soaking as an adult True
What 3 designated areas forbid smoking? Businesses, schools, and public transportation.
Created by: tigertrang