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Barnett Atmosphere

isotherm line on a weather map that connects points of equal temperature
isobar line on a weather map that connects points of equal air pressure
condensation change in state from a gas to a liquid
evaporation change in state from a liquid to a gas
stratus featureless, low layered cloud
nimbus rain cloud
cumulonimbus cloud associated with thunderstorms
air pressure force exerted by weight of the air above
saturated air that has reached its full capacity of water vapor is said to be ___________.
transpiration process by which plants release water vapor into the air througyh pores on their leaves
dew point temperature at which air reaches saturation and condensation begins
relative humidity amount of water vapor in the air divided by the amount of water vapor that the air could hold at that temperature
ozone a molecule of oxygen containing 3 oxygen atoms; there is a concentrated in the stratosphere
greenhouse effect heating of Earth's surface and atmosphere from solar radiation being absorbed by the atmosphere, mainly by water vapor and carbon dioxide
latent heat energy that is stored and released when water undergoes a change in state
smog air pollutants and fog combined
El Nino the name given to the periodic warming of the ocean that occurs in central and eastern Pacific; can cause extreme weather in many parts of the world, therefore affecting fishing industries and economies in those places
jetstream relatively narrow bands of strong wind in the upper atmosphere
barometer instrument used to measure air pressure
anemometer instrument used to measure wind speed
thermometer instrument used to measure temperature
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