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Foreign/Defense P

Foreign and Defense Policy

1) Foreign Policy self-interest strategies to protect national interests and keep goals within international relations
2) United Nations aim is to maintain cooperation in international law, security, eco development, social progress, human rights, and world peace
3) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members agree to mutual defense when responding to any external party attack
4) European Union eco/political union of which the members are mainly in Europe
The President and Foreign Policy 5) Commander and Chief has supreme command authority of a nation's military
6) War Powers Act checks the power of the President in putting the US in an armed conflict w/o Congress' conflict
7) Department of State in charge of the US' international relations
8) Secretary of State responsible for some gov functions
9) Department of Defense coordinates/supervises all agencies/fcns of the gov that relates to national security
10) Secretary of Defense in charge of the Department of Defense and is the principal assistant to the President in issues related to the Department of Defense
11) Joint Chiefs of Staff leaders in the US Department of Defense that advise others of military matters
12) Central Intelligence Agency gives national security intelligence assessment to US policymakers
13) National Security Agency (NSA) collects and analyzes foreign communications/signals intelligence while protecting US communications/info systems
14) National Security Council coordinates policies on national security issues and advises chiefs executives on the matters
15) Congress' "Power of the Purse" ability to manipulate the actions of another group by withholding funding/stipulating funds
16) Senate Foreign Relations Committee leading foreign-policy legislation
17) House Committee on Foreign Affairs jurisdiction of bills/investigations relating to the US' foreign affairs
18) Isolationism isolates one country from the affairs of other nations
19) Cold War continuing state of political/military tension b/w the powers of the Western World
20) Containment uses many strategies to prevent communism from spreading
21) Arms Race competition b/w at least two parties for the best armed forces
22) Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) military strategy/national security policy where there's a full scale use of weapons of mass destruction resulting in complete annihilation
23) Vietnam War Cold-war era military conflict in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
24) Detente easing strained relations in political situations
25) Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Ronald Reagan to use ground/space based systems to protect the US from attack of nuclear ballistic missiles
26) War on Terror international military campaign led by US with support of NATO and non-NATO countries
27) Axis of Evil Used by President Bush to describe govs that helped with terrorism and finding weapons of mass destruction
28) Afghanistan Nation that has maintained good relations with the US and NATO member states
29) Iraq US invaded Iraq with reason of Iraq failing to abandon nuclear/chemical weapons
30) Nuclear Proliferation spread of nuclear weapons and weapons-applicable nuclear tech and info to nations that aren't "Nuclear Weapon States"
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