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Abdominal Emergencie

Abdominal Emergencies: Terms, Definitions, & Targets

localized pain that arises from the parietal peritoneum,the lining of the abdominal cavity parietal pain
the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and covers the organs with it peritoneum
pain that is felt in a location other than where the pain originates referred pain
sharp pain that feels as if body tissues are being torn apart tearing pain
a poorly localized, dull, or diffuse pain that arises from the abdominal organs or viscera visceral pain
the membrane that covers the abdominal organs visceral peritoneum
organs outside the peritoneum that are found between the abdomen and the back retroperitoneal space
pain from an organ can be described as dull, achy, and/or diffuse (spread out)
a person having a gallbladder attach might complain of pain in their right shoulder bade because nerve pathways from the gallbladder return to the spinal cord by way of shared pathways with the shoulder
If a person has a chief complaint of abdominal discomfort, you should ask the time of their last oral intake because the food might have been spoiled
Why would an EMT as a young, adult female patient, who is complaining of abdominal discomfort, where she is in her menstrual cycle? to focus on the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy
When the EMT palpates the abdomen, the area with pain should be palpated last
When managing a patient who has a complaint of abdominal pain and has no difficulty breathing, yet has vital signs consistent with shock of hypoperfusion, the EMT should administer 10-15 lpm oxygen by nonrebreather mask
Four solid organs found in the abdomen liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas
Six hollow organs found in the abdomen appendix, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, bladder, gallbladder
Created by: UBEMT