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Bug testing

Match the bug to the test

QuestionAnswerAnswer 2
Préfixe "re-" -définir Anwrew
What air quality does propionbacterium like? Anaerobic a
What is the growth rate for Propionibacterium acne? Slow grower b
SSS is caused by Staphylococcus aureus what is it seen as? Gram positive cocci, catalase positive c
in sss exotoxins are produced by? Staph. aureus d
Impetigo staph. aureus gram positive cocci e
gas gangrene Clostridum perfingens gram positive rod spore former and tennis racket appearance f
Dental caries streptococcus mutans gram + g
Dental caries lactobacilli gram + rods h
Gingivitis Actinomyces gram + rod, facultative anaerobe i
Cholera vibrio cholerae gram negative rods, comma shaped, motile, flagellum, facultative anaerobe j
Salmonella gram negative rod, motile, produces h2s l
shigella gram - rod, nonmotile n
Leptospirosis gram - spirochete b
Campylobacter jejuni gram - rod
Escherichia coli gram - rod
Clostridum perfringens gram +
Streptococcus pyogens gram + cocci beta hemolytic
Corynebacterium diphtheriae gram + rod, nonmotile, aerobic and club shaped
Strep. pneumoniae gram + lancet cocci, aerotolerant and alpha hemolytic
Hemophilus influenzae gram - rod, non motile and loves heme
whooping cough bordetella pertussis Gram - coccobacillus
Tuberculosis acid fast rod, aerobic and mycolic acid wax in cell wall. slow grower
Created by: krw882
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