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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 29

GRADUS step, degree (L)
PLUS/PLURIS more, many (L)
AKROS topmost; high point; extreme (G)
KATA down, against (G)
ANA up, back again, along, through (G)
DUCO/DUCTUM draw, attract,lead (L)
AGO/ACTUM do, act, drive, perform (L)
grade a degree or step in a scale of rank, quality, value
gradual taking place, changing, or moving in small degrees
graduation ceremony of giving diplomas or degrees in school or college for completion of a program
centigrade a scale of measuring heat which has one hundred degrees between water's freezing and boiling points' Celsius' thermometer
plus more, additional
plural more than one in number
E PLURIBUS UNUM "out of many(states), one (nation)"
surplus extra, more or above what is needed
acrobat one who preforms gymnastic feats on a high wire, elevated apparatus, or on the ground
acropolis high point of a Greek city; a citadel
acronym word formed from the first letters of a phrase: radar (radio detecting and ranging), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), SALT (Studying and learning together)
acrophobia extreme fear of heights
catalog a list from which to choose
catastrophe downturn of events
catapult a device for hurling stones or arrows
catacomb subterranean cemetery
analysis taking something apart to study it
anatomy cutting up a body to study it
anagram word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters
analogy similarity of two things such as a heart and a pump
aqueduct tube or canal for water to move along
conduct guide, direct, lead, convey
produce bring forth, make, cause, create
reduce to lead back; to bring down to a smaller size, amount, weight, or price
act do, perform, behave
agent a person or thing that causes an action to take place
navigate drive or steer a boat
prodigal driving forth, wasteful, exravagant
Created by: LiseBrinkley