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DIT no gram stain

quick quiz - organisms that do not gram stain

How is coxiella Burnetti different from other rickettsial organisms? it forms spores, no rash, no vector, neg weil-felix reaction
What is the treatment for most chlamydia infections? Erythromycin/macrolides, tetracyclin
What is the classic presenting symtom in a pt with lyme disease? erythema chronicum migrans and flu like sx
What is a ghon focus? a calcified lung scar
what is a ghon complex? a ghon focus + hilar lymphadenopathy seen in primary TB
causes leprosy mycobacteria leprae
causes pulmonary Tb like sx in COPD pts mycobacteria kansasii
causes cervical lymphadenitis in childrem mycobacteria scrofilacem
causes a disseminated disease in AIDS pts MAC
hand infection in aquarium mycobacteria marinum
Rickettsial triad of symptoms Rash, HA, fever
A 25 year old with mycoplasma atypical pneumonia exhibits anemia d2 cryoagglutinins, What type of IG is responsible for the anemia? IgM
A homeless, alcohol pt vomited while intoxicated an subsequently developed foul smelling sputum. What organism is most likely causing his infx Klebsiella pn or anaerobic pn
Mycoplasma pneumonia tx Tetracyclin or Erythromycin
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever tx doxycycline
Early Lyme disease tx doxycycline
late lyme disease tx ceftriaxone
syphillis tx penicillin G
leprosy tx Dapsone (Rifampin + Clofazime + Dapsone)
bacterial vaginosis tx Metronidazole
Created by: kayjames