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Europe and Russia Fi

Europe, Russia, European Union.

What is the most common climate found in Europe? Marine West Coast
What mountain range runs north and south through Russia and separates Europe from Asia? Ural Mountains
What three countries in Europe have the lowest overall population density? Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia
What is the most common land use in Europe? Commercial Farming
What European country has the largest amount of coal? United Kingdom, Russia
Sometimes countries give up some control of their own affairs to work together on goals they all share. This is a form of what? Supranational cooperation
What is the definition of centripetal forces? Forces that unite or push together countries and people
The European Union began with the development of what? A common market (for steel and coal)
What happens when a member country does not agree with a decision made by the EU government? They must carry out the decision anyway
How has the EU promoted economic cooperation across Europe? It has reduced trade barriers such as tariffs and created a common currency
How is culture a centrifugal force within the EU? Strong nationalism, many languages
List three things that were created to promote a European cultural identity. Europe day, EU flag, EU anthem
What term refers to an independent country whose people mostly share a common identity? Nation-State
What is a feeling of pride and loyalty toward one's country called? Nationalism
What former European country is an example of a failed state? Soviet Union
What type of government does the EU use? Representative Democracy, parliamentary
How does the leader gain power in a dictatorship? Seizes power by force
Which of the following types of government are based on representation of the people? absolute monarchy, republic, constitutional monarchy, dictatorship Republic and constitutional monarchy
What type of government is linked with a command economy? Communism
What makes an absolute monarchy different from a constitutional monarchy? An absolute monarchy is an autocracy with one ruler who makes all decisions, while a constitutional monarchy is a representative democracy in which the king or queen has mainly ceremonial power (no real power)
What makes a direct democracy different from a representative democracy? In a direct democracy, the people vote on all decisions, while in a representative democracy, the people elect (vote for) people to make the decisions for them
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