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Basic cloud types

What type of clouds have clear blue skies? Cirrus clouds
Do cirrus clouds come before or after warm fronts? Before
How many km are cirrus clouds? 16km-17km
True or False: Cirrus clouds have bad weather False, they have fair weather
What are cirrus clouds made out of? Ice crystals
How many feet do stratus clouds go up to? 6,500 feet
Do Stratus clouds form at low or high altitudes? Low
Are these clouds low? Yes
What color are stratus clouds? Greyish
What does stratus clouds resemble? Fog
What cloud causes light to no precipitation and cover the whole sky Stratus Clouds
What is fog? When air is cooled to its dew point near the ground
What cloud is fog? Stratus
What are air masses? HUGE bodies of air that forms over water or/and in tropical or polar regions
What determines the weather conditions of an air mass? Temperature and humidity of the air masses as they form. Warm, cold, dry, or moist determines the weather as air masses move.
Describe fronts Fronts are boundaries where air masses move and collide with each other. They are basically warm air and cold air meeting together.
How many types of fronts are there and what are the fronts names? There are four fronts. 1. Warm Front 2. Cold Front 3. Stationary Front 4. Occluded Front
Describe a warm front A warm air mass collides and rides over a cold air mass.
What type of weather does warm fronts bring? Warm fronts may produce long periods of precipitation and warmer temperatures.
What does the symbol for a warm front look like? Red semicircles in a line
Describe a cold front A cold air mass collides and slides under a warm air mass
What type of weather does a cold front bring? May produce thunderstorms and sometimes tornadoes and cooler temperatures.
Describe a stationary front If neither a cold air mass or a warm air mass moves when they meet, it becomes a stationary front.
What type of weather does a stationary front bring? Long periods of precipitation
Describe an occluded front First you have a warm air mass that pushes into a cold air mass. Then, before it can move away, a cold air mass comes along after the warm air mass and sort of sandwiches the warm air mass.
What type of weather does occluded front bring? Long periods of precipitation.
What forms high and low pressure systems? Warm air rising on cold air sinking combined with the spinning of the Earth causes the air to spin
What type of weather does high pressure systems usually signal? Fair weather
What direction do winds in a high pressure system circulate? Clockwise direction
What type of weather comes with low pressure systems? Rainy/stormy weather conditions.
What causes storms? Storms occur when air pressure differences cause rapid air movement
What is a thunderstorm? A storm with thunder, lightning, heavy rains, and strong winds.
What type of cloud are thunderstorms usually created in? Large cumulonimbus clouds
How are thunderstorms formed? They usually follow a cold front but can form within an air mass.
What is a tornado? Rapidly whirling funnel shaped cloud that extends down from a storm cloud.
Describe a tornado A tornado has very low pressure and strong winds. They can cause great damage to people and property.
How are tornado's formed? Likely to form within the frontal regions with strong thunderstorms.
Describe a hurricane *Low pressure tropical storm *ONLY forms over warm ocean water *Winds spin in a circular pattern around a center (eye) *The lower the air pressure at the center, the faster the winds blow toward the center of the storm
What measurement unit is air pressure measurement Milliliters
What measurement tool is air pressure measured in? Barometer
Created by: Ksmart