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Protist Phylums

Flash cards for Ms. Cantrell's lab practical #1

Zoomastigina Animal-like (zoo= animal). Move by flagella. Example: tripanisoma (African Sleeping Sickness)
Ciliaphora Animal-like. Move by cilia. Contractule vacuole to keep from bursting with water. Example: paramecium
Sporozoa Animal-like. Cannot move on their own, spread through spores. Parasitic. Plasmodium (malaria)
Sarcodina Pseudopods (false feet, used for movement). Example: amoeba.
Oomycota Fungus-like. Water molds.
Acrasiomycota Funguslike. Cellular slime molds. Looks like frog eggs (large mass of cells with defined boundaries)
Myxomycota Fungus-like. Acellular slime molds. Blob of cellular material with lots of nuclei
Phaeophyta Plant-like, multicellular. Brown algae. Largest of all protists (kelp)
Rhodophyta Plant-like, multicellular. Red algaa (ranges from bright red to very dark purple).
Chlorophyta Plant-like, multicellular. Green algae. Ancestors to modern land plants. Examples: seaweed, spyrogyra
Bacillariophyta Plant-like, unicellular. Diatoms. Cell walls of silica (like glass). Called frustules.
Euglenophyta Plant-like, unicellular. Have flagella and eyespots. Photosynthesize using eyespots.
Pyrophyta Plant-like, unicellular. "Dynoflagellates". Luminescent. Base of marine food web. Cause Red Tide
Chrysophyta Plant-like, unicellular. Golden-brown algae (probably not on practical)
Created by: ryan770