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DIT micro end quiz

The most common causes of UTI proteus, E Coli, Staph, Klebsiella
most common causes of pneumonia for 6weeks- 18 yo RSV, mycoplasma, chlamydia, strep pn
most common causes of pneumonia for 18yo-40yo mycoplasma, chlamydia, strep pn
most common causes of pneumo for 40 -65yo strep pn, H flu, anaerobes, viruses, mycoplasma
most common cause of pneumo in the elderly strep pn, influenza, anaearobes, H flu, gram neg rods
signet ring cells gastric adenocarcinoma
nutmeg liver R HF, Budd Chiari syndrome
maternal elevations of AFP NT defects - anencephal, gastroschesis
RBC casts in urine acute GN
currant jelly sputum klebsiella
dog or cat bite pasteurella
Torch infections Toxoplasma, Other (syph, PVB19), rubella, CMV, HSV/HIV
clue cells gardnerella
painless genital ulcer syph
flagellated cells trich
strawberry cervix trich
CSF in a pt with TB meningitis It's like FUNGI. increased P, increased lymphocytes, increased protein, decreased glucose
most common cause of atypical/walking pneumonia mycoplasma
common causative agent for pneumonia in alcoholics klebsiella and strep
cause cause an interstitial pneumonia in bird handlers Chlamydia psittaci
often the cause of pneumonia in a pt w/ a h/o exposure to bats and bat droppings histoplasma
fungal cause of pneumonia in a pt who has recently visited SoCal, NM, W.Texas coccidio
pneumonia a/w current jelly sputum klebsiella
most common cause of pneumonia in children one year old or younger RSV
most common cause of pneumonia in the neonate (B-28d) GBS
most common cause of pneumonia in children and young adults strep pn
ritonavir PI
didanosine NRTI
declavirdine NNRTI
zidovudine NRTI
abacavir NRTI
lamivudine NRTI
nelfinavir PI
efavirenz NNRTI
Created by: kayjames
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