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vocabulary list #4

ferry (noun) a boat that carries people/cars across water.
grumpy (adj) easily annoyed; in a bad mood
easygoing (adj) not easily upset, annoyed, or worried
domineering (adj) controlling and not caring about other's feeling
key (adj) very important and necessary
ambitious (adj) determinated to be successful
vision (noun) an idea of what something should be
coffin (noun) a box in which a corpse is buried
cramped (adj) not enough space for everything you have
stuffy (adj) not enough fresh air and too warm
the bends (noun) a painful condition that happens when you come up from a great deep water too quickly (decompression sickness)
recuperative (adj) helping to recover from illness or exhaustion (v. recuperate)
bribery (noun) the practice of offering money or a gift that you illegally give someone to persuade them to do something for you
ruin (verb) destroy completely
mammoth (adj) huge, gigantic, massive (very, very)
agitated (adj) anxious, nervous and upset
elite (adj) small group of powerful & important people
jeopardy (noun) danger of being lost or harmed
shimmer (verb) to shine with a light that seems to move slightly
sleek (adj) having a smooth attractive line (elegant shape or design)
dominance (noun) the fact of being more powerful, more important, or more noticeable than other people or thing
strip away (verb) to remove or peel something from something completely
fetch (verb) to go or come after and bring or take back
paramount (adj.) more important than anything else; supreme
rumor (noun) gossip about people that may/ may not be true
exceed (verb) to go beyond the expected amount
hoist (verb) to raise or lift something, esp. using equipment
overshadow (verb) to make someone or something else seem less important
counted (verb) to include (someone or something) in a total
diversify (verb) to change something or to make it change so that there is more variety
boom (noun) a rapid increase in growth or economic success
emerge (verb) to appear or come out from somewhere
snap up (verb) to buy or obtain something quickly because it is cheap or you want it very much
disclose (verb) to make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret
craze (noun) something that is extremely popular at the moment
stretch(es) (verb) to make (something) wider or longer by pulling it
gauge to measure (something) exactly
mock (adj) not real, but intended to be very similar
frantic (adj) extremely hurried and used a lot of energy, but not very organized
gargantuan (adj) extremely large
Created by: reta_kd
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